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How to lock your Facebook profile - FB introduces a new safety feature

Facebook has launched a new safety feature in India that allows users to lock their profile. FB (a well known social media platform) is constantly looking for additional ways to keep their users safer and more secure. Are you interested to know more about it or would like to know how to lock your FB profile? If yes, here you go.

The ability to lock your profile is a feature designed for people in India, especially women, who want more control over their Facebook experience.

Locking your profile enables you to apply multiple existing privacy settings plus several new features to your Facebook profile in one easy step. 

When you lock your profile, non-friends cannot Zoom into, share or download your full-size profile picture and cover photo. And cannot see photos and posts on your timeline (both historic and new). 

Also, an indicator is added to your profile page to remind you your profile is locked.

Please find the steps on how to lock your Facebook profile.

How to lock FB profile?

Step 1: Tap More under your name.

Step 2: Tap Lock Profile.

Step 3: Tap Lock Your Profile again to confirm. Done. 

Step 4: Same steps almost you have to go through for unlock it.

Ankhi Das, Public Policy Director, Facebook India and Ranjana Kumari, Director, Centre for Social Research, says, FB is committed to providing a safe platform for people to express themselves, particularly women, have about protecting their online profile. And, some girls are hesitant to share about themselves online and are intimidated by the idea of someone misusing their information. The new feature would help them too.

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