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Security breach and security patch

Security breach, security patch, personal detail leaked, system hacked and phishing are the common words these days. How does these incidents quite often happens around? How to avoid them? Many experts tried and keep on trying to avoid them.

The more number of users around the world, specially online function which the software is involved, the fewer chances of such incidents quitely happens around through somewhere in software loopholes or the other way. The small number looks very high when we get these news around. 

Image courtesy: Oracle

We can't expect 100 secured for all around the world. Wait, the less number of such incident creates big issues in real. It is all because of a small security breach can take huge data's related to millions of individual or billions of monetary info. That's the issue compare to one person's info breach.

Not only this, you would have heard earlier that very few sold the data without one's or organization's knowledge as well. Different story you would find on these, quite often. The mobile (smartphone) world also an additional way for hackers or data seller to use it.

There are many Cybercrimes organization working on these to prevent them beside each small to large industries or organizations preventing their database with utmost care too. Still out of control for few or more than few.

You might have heard that few Software companies and healthcare industries too were in trouble. Still out of control sometime.

The next one is, Software company like, Microsoft keeps on updating their software as security patch for computer or laptop related works for better care with their customers. On the other hand, iOS update quite often for iPhone from Apple and Android UI software update often from relevant OED brand to care their customers.

Few organization notifies the user on security updates to fix the vulnerabilities. A security breach is a common risk that affect the organization if they are unaware of the overall function.

We get many news related to this topic thus we are trying to publish it for general awareness. Few security breach happens and gets millions of account accessed. Big lose. You would hear related news quite often including 'confirmed high security breach' etc.

As we did read one of the article, we came to know that, there are different level on this, Cybercrime, internal breaches, GDPR and more that can cost your business in a number of ways. Not only the risk of expensive fines and lawsuits. A security breach can result in a damaged reputation of the organization and loss of revenue too.

Few have changed the password by-heart but still hacked. They surprised and raised query online.

There are many tips available for secure your company or device etc. but it might work sometime and it might not. Few ignorance might result in losing the data.

How to save our personal data?

In general, we have already shared our personal detail with few businesses or service provider though they are very strict in privacy. No one is guaranteed that it might pass from there to someone else without their knowledge. Zero-trust is impossible in most of the professional cases since the work or operational activities involves many as chain.

* Multi-factor authentication - it works but still possible to attack if more than an authorized person have access of these.

* Update your device - Security patch or changing the device is okay but still chances of hack or security breach if you still ignorance on your device.

* Separate device - Few says keep company and personal devices separate. Don't mingle the info.

* Do not click link without checking the reliable or authorized sender detail. Few replica of sender can put you in trouble. Be vigilant. Yes, never transfer money if asked over an email, double check URL links and who the e-mail is from etc.

* Be careful on fingerprint or face authentication too. Few have reported that other's fingerprint or face unlock the device.

* You need to cross-check the 'enable' option from the 'disable' (previous setting) from the software 'setting option' once the latest software / OTA update done.

When expert tries to give the better facility through technology, software, hardware, AI and online sources, very few misuses them that creates problem to the end users or organization in a big way. This seems still learning curve on security breach and security patch for everyone with or without much damages.

In case if this article helps you then share it. We would write and share more info on this. stay tuned.