Saturday, February 25, 2017

Vivo Y55s specs, release, price and review

Do you know Vivo has launched / released two smartphones in the beginning of the year 2017? If not, let me tell you, the first one was V5 Plus launched on 23rd Jan 2017, and the second one was Vivo Y55s just recently / yesterday dated 24th Feb 2017 after its earlier version Y55L upgraded one. Please find the detail of latest Vivo Y55s smartphone specification, launch and release date, price and review detail.

Vivo’s brand philosophy is all about ‘Camera and Music’. The camera to capture clear shots and Music to enjoy wherever you go. Vivo is committed for perfect blend of innovative technology and impeccable design to provide an optimal based performance. 

Mr. Kent Cheng, CEO of Vivo India excitedly said that, “After the success of Vivo V5 Plus, we hereby strengthen our Y series portfolio with the launch of this power packed device, the Y55s. Its going all the way as such. 

Vivo Y55s – Specifications:

Processor:       Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 (Quad-core 1.4GHz)
RAM:         3GB RAM 
ROM: 16GB ROM (Expandable upto 256 GB)
OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Funtouch OS 3.0
Display:         13.22cm (5.2) HD (1280x720) 
Camera:         13MP Rear Camera & 5MP Front Camera
Network:         4G LTE 
Battery: 2730 mAh
Color: Crown gold and space grey across the country

Vivo Y55s release date: 

26th February 2017. (It was launched on 24th Feb 2017)

Vivo Y55s price: 

Its tag at Rs.12,490

Vivo Y55s review:

Its review can be found soon over here. Till then you can check Vivo V5 Plus review detail. Your comments are welcome.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Intex Smart Home and Office Interior Solutions

Intex (well known for Mobiles and Consumer Durables and IT Accessories) is expanding its business portfolio by launching furniture and interior solutions. Intex launched new brand “DecoVeco” and opened its first flagship experience Store (an area spread across 7500 sq ft.) under the brand in Kirti Nagar, New Delhi on 21st Feb 2017, by showcasing concepts in home, kitchens, office and institutional furniture supported through a digital platform,, and is entering in e-commerce marketplace platforms.

If you are looking for entire categories of Home or Office decoration or interior solution then this is one of the best places to go with. The Intex Showroom, with four floors is dedicated to Home Furniture, Modular Kitchens, Office & Institutional Furniture with a wide collection of trendy and world-class product categories including sofas, dining furniture, beds, bar furniture, lounge furniture, recliners, TV units, modular kitchens and wardrobes, office workstations, office chairs, desking, school furniture and much more positioned around the mid and upper mid consumer segments. 

The showroom also has an in-built digital library and browsing zones that demonstrates a wider array of items and interiors. Intex launched ‘The Great Indian Kitchen Festival’ wherein it will give away upto 25% discount on Modular Kitchens and Wardrobes for a month.

The team of talented designers, equipped with sophisticated and modern day software and tools who work to create your dream home or office within just four weeks. The customers can personalize their furniture like colour, texture, size and configuration etc. 

Intex is planning to launch 20 similar centres in studio format in cities like Jaipur, Bhopal, Lucknow, Chandigarh etc.
Mr. D. K. Jairath, CEO, Intex, said, “We at Intex have been engaged in furniture and interior solutions category over the past three years in the B2B projects space and are now moving into B2C with the launch of our new brand “DecoVeco” and this flagship store at New Delhi. 

You may visit Intex DecoVeco official website for more detail.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

How to use 4G SIM in 3G mobile phones?

After JIO 4G SIM, the question arises for many that how to use 4G SIM in 3G smartphone and this question is reasonable too. 

The reason is because everyone have Aadhar card and possible to get 4G SIM by showing 4G device whereas sometime they might have 3G gadget too for which they have to use JIO SIM in it while travel and on.

Now, they may be asking how to use 4G SIM in 3G smartphones? If you have the same question then find the below steps to enable 4G SIM in 3G handset. This steps might be little different for different 3G devices, however, you have to judge best accordingly.

Steps on how to use 4G SIM in 3G smartphones?

Go to dial pad and key in as *#*#4636#*#*

You will see a different testing page screen and select choose Phone information 1

Go down till you find the Set Preferred Network type and click on it

Find and select LTE/GSM auto (PRL) or any LTE option

This is how you have to use Jio sim in 3g mobile

In case if you are still unable to get the signal after this tricks then you have to select the network manually. Because after enabling LTE sometimes you may get message like "your device won’t select the network" (you may try the below steps for this). You have to do manual for it. 

So, after enabling LTE no restart required from the phone, you can just place the 4G SIM or JIO SIM in the primary slot. As said above, If you face the 'no network signal or emergency calls only' option then follow these steps.

How to enable 4G Network in 3G mobile to use 4G SIM or JIO 4G SIM 3G Phone? If you still didn't get it then follow the manual steps given herein below;

Go to "Settings" option

Go to Mobile networks

Go to "Network selection" and choose the network manually

You will see related 4G network signal in your area by doing it manually, just select the right one.

You may sometime get an error like “can’t connect to this network”, in this case, be patient and wait for some time.

After sometime, it will register automatically.

Now, you can enjoy 4G or JIO SIM in 3G smartphone.

If you don't get the right 4G network then select any 4G network resulted and proceed with it.

You may further add the comment to assist you in case if you are unable to do so. However, some of the 3G handset won't work in these steps due to various reasons like unbranded one or net connectivity access issue or technical issue and on.

Tips: It is better to buy 4G smartphone. Who know's in future 5G feature too may come.

Share AdSense experience with us

Google AdSense team most probably recently sent an email to its Publishers (AdSense account holders) whose Ads revenue reduced gradually from higher to a lower one despite their publishing / contribution is still a reasonable one. The revenue reducing from the highest to a lowest one currently is something strange and no idea all about except some people might have gave up to write and publish or stiff competitions for the niche, other than this, it could be possibly other various reasons which we are unaware at the moment. 

So, Google also would like to know from its Publishers to ensure that they help AdSense Publishers to go with the same flow as they did before. Why not earning now but before? In general, many used to ask, how to earn money from AdSense, tips and tricks for AdSense revenue etc. but this time gone differently for the bloggers or writers. Yes, read for more detail.

This is a good initiative from Google AdSense team of course. We know that many people or bloggers or writers still would like to get an AdSense account as they haven't got it yet despite few might have just known about it, few might have already known and applied once or twice, some might have got approved but the revenue might be a poor one due to various reasons, some might have got gradually increasing Ads revenue from the beginning till date, some might have violated its policy and would have got disabled as well. So, there are many cases where publishers stand against AdSense.

Whatsoever, the concern from Google to its Publishers is all about poor revenue for those who once earned well and unable to earn likewise at present. The potential for earning from AdSense by Publishers is still open widely. The content is King. So, Google might have sent an email to such selected such publishers (I am one of them) and wanted to know the reason to overcome from it. This is a good initiative from Google to Publishers to be able to come out from this scenario and reminder as well to contribute once again to gradually increase the quality posts thus revenue. However, why these bloggers or writers gave up time being to contribute or affected from top revenue to poor one at present from AdSense. 

We can analyze on this, how? Read this article to know more detail about AdSense experience.

I have few bloggers (online and offline friends) and some of them have AdSense account and earned well once and now unable for them to earn like before due to various reasons, so, poor revenue at the moment for them, and some of them have AdSense account but earned very less from the beginning due to contribution ratio accordingly. Whatsoever, there are many other scenarios where AdSense members (Publishers) got affected from good to bad. Find the below reasons for it.

1. The one who earned a lot once might have different commitment or reduced to contribute compare to past golden days, or,

2. They are contributing or might have contributed same as before but wouldn't have indexed their webpages or poor traffic affected them due to various reasons including Black hat SEO or White hat SEO etc.

3. The niche competitors (quality writers or blogs) might have increased or the content they published might not be required in the search for visitors

4. They might not have synced with the current AdSense algorithm and might be still following the old updates

5. Their contribution might have deviated in a different niche or website etc.

6. They might have completely gave up or contributing less than ten percentage compare to old days.

7. They might have used different brand Ad banners that might have affected or deviated the AdSense revenue (CPC)

8. Anyone would have copied or rewritten or plagiarism your blog content that might have affected as well.

There could be many other reasons which I am unable to recall to publish over here or we are unaware of it completely. So, you can share your experience by adding comment over here to communicate further to overcome from it. Thanks for visiting and reading this post. Have a nice day!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Honda Cars India launches New Honda City

Honda City car comes with new Stylish Design, Advanced High technology features and Enhanced Safety and introduction of new flagship City ZX grade, Honda Cars India Ltd. (HCIL), a leading manufacturer of passenger cars in India, today introduced the New Honda City 2017 in New Delhi, 14th February 2017. 

If you are looking for more information on Honda City 2017 model cars and its technical specification, features and price etc. then read this article. Yes, Honda city 2017 all comes with a new stylish and sporty exterior design, an advanced high-technology infotainment system and enhanced safety features. For customers, who want everything in their car, the City variant line-up has ready for you with a new flagship grade – “ZX” 

Honda City 2017 car is built with the Concept of “Advanced, Energetic and Smart”, it will delight the loyal customer with its wide range of high-technology exterior and interior features, the one who enters the car will enjoy its pleasure around. 

Honda City 2017 has advanced integrated LED DRL, LED fog lamps, inline LED headlamps, new 16-inch alloy wheels with wider tyres and best-in-class interior features. If you are one of them who would like to go with the latest technology's car then this is the one to select. Honda City 2017 model has an advanced touchscreen infotainment system, called the Digipad.

“The Honda City has been our most successful model in the country. It has brought joy to over 6.5 lakh customers across the country and has been India’s most successful sedan since its launch in 1998. It has also been the industry benchmark for quality and has been ranked No. 1 by the JD Power Initial Quality Study 14 times since its inception in the Indian market.” Mr. Yoichiro Ueno, President and CEO, Honda Cars India Ltd. said. 

Honda City 2017 car technical specification and features:

New diamond-cut and two-tone alloy wheel design for both 15 and 16 inch wheels.

Advanced 17.7 cm touchscreen infotainment system, called the Digipad.

A sporty, wide-opening bumper design and a new signature front chrome grille with intricate design connecting the two headlights.

Satellite-linked navigation, voice recognition, Bluetooth telephony, audio streaming.

The 1.5 GB internal memory, 2 USB-in slots, 2 microSD card slots and 1 HDMI-in slot.

Wi-Fi support for Internet.

Mirror Link support for smart phone connectivity.

First-in-class soft-touch dashboard.

Advanced 3D multi-information meter.

Chrome plating on steering switches and chrome plated knobs for rear-aircon vent.

Tilt and telescopic steering adjustment.

Fully auto-dimming inside rear-view mirror.

New LED interior cabin lights.

Both rear-adjustable headrests.

Premium upholstery with dual-tone beige & black trims.

The LED package, including the integrated LED DRL.

The inline LED headlampsLED fog lamps.

The LED RR Combi.

The LED license plate lamps.

The trunk lid spoiler with LED.

The Diesel City is powered by the 1.5L i-DTEC - Earth Dream Technology

Fuel economy of 25.6 kmpl

Maximum power of 100ps@3600 rpm with a max torque of 200 Nm@1750 rpm

6-speed manual transmission

The Petrol City is powered by 1.5L i-VTEC engine

Maximum power of 119 ps@6600 rpm and a torque of 145 N-m@4600 rpm

Advanced CVT with 7-speed paddle shifters

Fuel efficiency of 18 kmpl 

The 5-speed manual transmission.

Honda City Car 2017 Price:

INR 849, 990

INR 953, 990

INR 1075, 990
INR 999, 990
INR 1153, 990
INR 1155, 990
INR 1164, 990
INR 1284, 990
INR 1286, 990

INR 1352, 990
INR 1356, 990

You may visit Honda India official website or its nearest office for more detail.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Camera Revolution to Resolution

Here you go for some of the unique info on different Cameras and its innovation plus revolution. Yes, it has become mandatory nowadays for people have to have camera with them, no wonder if it is with the photographers or professional photographers, and even the camera with kids is really awesome. 

They click or take videos whatever they wanted to and sometime their photos are mind-blowing using different gadgets available around. No surprise, camera's revolution begun since many decades and camera's revolution changed to resolution as well, right now.

These days you can see 20MP (mega pixel) Smartphone camera lens simply which is really a revolution in this camera history and process. It is different story that camera like DSLR that comes even more than 36MP which is awesome, the 36MP sensor can be found in Nikon's D810 and EOS 5DS is about 50.6MP and they are trying for 120MP too. 

How Camera and Mega Pixel lens has taken the journey since many decades? It has a big story though I am not going to write everything over here. You can get its detail somewhere in online sources and you can read it if you are interested.

You can see some of the photos of camera (few of them taken photos at Vivo V5 Mumbai event) and few in different occasion. Whatsoever, sharing with you to learn and enjoy it.
The recent one from Smartphone and this device (Coolpad Note 5 successor to the Coolpad Note 3 phone) brought some revolution in Camera, pixel and aperture so quickly and the journey widen from other smartphone brands very quickly.

Note: Do not copy any content or other source from this blog or elsewhere, Google however will come to know it from its usual process and blacklist your source permanently. I encourage you to work on your own.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Vivo V5 plus hands on review - Unboxing

Are you looking for V5 Plus review? If yes, please find its detail over here. I got a most anticipated V5 plus smartphone that was released recently and much talks all around about it, so I would like to review it and share some information with you. 

When the box suppose to unbox for hands on review, I found all the content what actually required for the smartphone users, and I experiment the device beside enjoying it across by using it to call, test the apps, browsing, take the photos, videos, and video calls etc. 

Most of them aware the beauty of the device from Vivo, whether it is V5 smartphone or the latest one V5 plus, no compromise on excellent selfie result, usual advance technical specs and features in it.

As said, no compromise on the latest V5 Plus device's high-end specs and overall performances too. The 20MP dual front camera (20MP+8MP front camera) and 16MP rear camera enriches the device for photos, videos and video calls etc. this is what one of the main features of the phone. 

The Panorama setting and long-stretched photo result is really awesome. The fingerprint is embedded with Homepage as same as iPhone 7 type which is really nice to go with, and this phone (V5 plus) somewhat resembles iPhone 7 too. The expert can say, it is the budget phone, it means, the high-end specs phone in a reasonable price compare to all other similar specs gadgets.

When you unbox the Vivo V5 plus smartphone then you would find the best handset carefully protected within the safer box. The box contains whatever a normal smartphone needed, no missing of any earphone, phone case, screen guard, USB charger, warranty card, SIM eject tool, and its manual etc. 

The phone has two Nano SIM slot where you can use the dual SIM option. V5 plus has 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage and unable to find the external storage option as it is actually not required too when you have 64GB ROM. You can also see the below photos that was taken from V5 Plus camera.

The voice from V5 Plus is very clear on general calls or video calls - doesn't matter. The battery or phone doesn't get heated even if you talk for a long hours. The photo results in every mode are simply superb, it has Bokeh effect too. 

No need to do any make up to take a picture or video if you use this gadget. You can just wake up and take a snap, or click it when you are tired too...still the result would be pretty fine.

You might have watched its ads everywhere with Bollywood star Ranveer Singh and would have come to know its technical features a bit as well. However, you can further read Vivo V5 Plus review over here.  

Yes, Vivo Smartphone V5 plus model released on 28th January 2017 after its grand launching on 23rd January 2017 in New Delhi, India. I would like to let you know that this brand's couple of V5 series models are rocking around, and successfully going in Malaysia,  Indonesia and other few countries across despite toughest competitors around.  

Here you go for V5 plus gadget's more details.

The Vivo V5 Plus is powered by Snapdragon 625 with 2 GHz Octa-core processor. The awesome is, the rear camera that comes with 16MP and the front dual camera comes with 20MP+8MP,  so definitely it is other than for Selfie lovers too. It has 4G connectivity and dual SIM functionality.

I tried for browsing with butter touch menu, the connectivity is everywhere (including remote area) that satisfy all. I can get the high speed data in/out. The other supportable functions are finger print sensor (at Home button like iPhone7) and USB OTG. Now, you can relax with this slim and sleek gadget that helps you to simply carry (with curved edge) anywhere as same as the high end laptop features for official and personal usage. 

The V5 Plus device runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system. The battery capacity of this model is 3055 mAh, so, you can enjoy the maximum power usage for a long hours. The V5 vs V5 Plus Both the models back to back from Vivo came to hit the market and that is what going on. One of the best thing about Vivo is the Camera quality which brings more attractiveness for the end users.

The V5 plus comes with 5.5 inches, dimension is 152.58 x 74 x 7.26 mm and weight is 158 Grams (With Battery). It has corning Gorilla glass resistant for scratch protection. The V5 Plus has IPS LCD type display. The resolution of the phone is 1920 x 1080 pixels with 16M colors and Density ~401 ppi resolution. The additional pack with V5 plus is, it has Funtouch OS 3.0 and comes with Qualcomm MSM8953 Snapdragon 625 CPU Octa-core 2.0 GHz Cortex-A53 GPU Adreno 506. The available color is Gold. Select your choice.

You will find the V5 plus' home screen view as above shot. The memory screen shot is also given to understand about this device.

V5 plus has S-capture option (as shown above on the screen shot) that helps to design differently for the screen images. The result is given over in the next screen itself.


V5 plus has the "Smart Split" screen feature that helps you to do multi-task like watching the YouTube or Video and simultaneously read the incoming or instant message.

As per the above screen, the "Other sharing mode" option in Personal Hotspot screen helps you to connect your computer from V5 Plus smartphone's USB to use the net or data or file transfer etc.


The 'About Phone' and 'Developer options' might help you to understand this gadget even more. Do not use this screen if you are really have no basic idea to use it effectively. 

Sometime the phone users' concern is all about the nearest and the best service center (After sales and service) for the branded phone. So, here, Vivo assist all over. You may find the above screen-shot and follow the steps if you have V5 series phones service and nothing to worry about it, in case.

Find the differences between Vivo V5 and V5 Plus. 

Vivo V5 vs V5 Plus comparison:


V5 and V5 Plus, both 5.5 inches of display screen

Processor:  V5 is 1.5 GHz Octa-core and the Vivo V5 Plus has 2 GHz Octa-core, so commanding.

OS: The same operating system,  Android Marshmallow.

RAM: same in both the devices.

Internal memory: V5 comes with 32GB and external memory comes with 128 as expandable. But, the Vivo V5 Plus doesn't have external memory, internal memory with 64GB.

Camera:  Rear camera only differs in both the models. V5 has 13MP whereas 16MP.

Resolution:  V5 has 720 x 1280 pixels and the Vivo V5 Plus has 1080 x 1920 pixels. 

Battery: 3000 mAh for V5 and 3055 mAh for V5 Plus. 

Price: V5 is Rs. 17,680 and V5 Plus is Rs. 27,980. 

Remember,  there is no external slot for expandable memory in V5 plus.

In general, Vivo has a toughest competition with Coolpad, Oppo, MI, Moto, OnePlus and Gionee etc. brands. These brands are equally signing the significant market share value. So the competition gets raised with more new models coming in. 

Vivo had launched Vivo V5 last November. At the same time it had announced about upcoming  V5 Plus. The device has now been launched in India. It has gone on sale with effect from Feb 1, 2017. The build quality is commendable. The smartphone looks premium. 

The end user can see various status on the home screen, per below image setting.


The end user can disable the online ads by simply using the 'Ads' screen. Also, you can can connect with Vivo by simply going to the below screen from V5 Plus and improve or suggest them.

Vivo V5 Plus - Technical Specifications

Smartphone: V5 Plus
Announced: 31 October 2016
Released: 28 January 2017
Internal Storage: 64 GB
Chipset: Qualcomm MSM8953 Snapdragon 625
CPU: Octa-core 2.0 GHz Cortex-A53
OS: Android , Marshmallow 6.0 with Funtouch OS 3.0
Primary Camera: 16 MP, f/2.0, phase detection autofocus, LED flash
Secondary camera: Dual 20 MP + 8 MP, f/2.0, 1/2.8" sensor size, 1080p
Sensors: Fingerprint (front-mounted), accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass
Camera Features: Geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection, panorama, HDR
Protection:Corning Gorilla Glass Scratch Resistant
Dimensions:152.58 x 74 x 7.26 mm
Weight:158 Grams (With Battery)Image: 4160 x 3120 Pixels
Video: 2160p@30fps
Flash: YesGPU: Adreno 506
Java Support: No
Card Slot: No
Colors: Gold (mixed of White panel)
Network: 2G Network GSM: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 - SIM 1 & SIM 2
3G Network: HSDPA 850 / 900 / 2100
4G Network: LTE band 1(2100), 3(1800), 5(850), 7(2600), 8(900), 40(2300)
SIM:Nano SIM Dual
Display: IPS LCD Capacitive touchscreen
Size: 5.5 inches
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels with 16 M colors
Pixel Density: ~401 ppi
Touch Screen: Yes
Features: Funtouch OS 3.0
Secondary Display: No
Vibration; MP3, Wav Ringtones
3.5 mm jack
Audio Playback
MP3, eAAC+, WAV, Flac player
Video Playback
Xvid, MP4, H.264
FM Radio
Video Out No
Bluetooth:Yes, v4.2, A2DP, LE
Infrared: Wi-fi
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot
Wi-fi Hotspot
USB:microUSB v2.0, USB Host
GPS:Yes, with A-GPS
Web Browser
SMS: Yes (threaded view)
Email: Yes
Battery Type: Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) Capacity 3160 mAh Placement Non-Removable
Standby: Up to 370 Hours
Talk Time: Up to 15 Hours
Music Play: Up to 30 Hours

V5 Plus Price: Rs. 27,980.

V5 Plus Rating: The overall rating is based on review by our experts 8 / 10 
Design 8 / 10 
Features 8 / 10 
Camera 8 / 10 
Performance 8 / 10

Hope you enjoyed the V5 Plus phone review. Stay tuned, we will update more gadget launch and review details over here. Till then check the earlier posts for recently launched and released gadgets.