Monday, October 26, 2015

Coolpad Note 3 Specs, features, comparison, review and price

Coolpad is one of the largest Smartphone manufacturers in China though it has competition from the rivals like Xiaomi and other well known one. The plus point for Coolpad is that they have self-manufacturing unit and it has huge number of patents too. Now, let’s see all about Coolpad Note 3 smartphone’s specs, price, comparison, hand’s on review and so on.

Though it is a late entrant in the Indian smartphone market, the Amazon India has sold around 15000 units within three minutes on 20th Oct 2015 as released date. The best smartphone deal ends herewith.

There are few best features in this phone, Coolpad Dazen Note 3 is the first and only device with the fingerprint scanner at this price segment. As per the statement of Syed (CEO, Coolpad India), he stated that this device is entirely different in the segment including design, price and features.

We will first go to see some unique features in Coolpad Note 3 than the normal specification and other hands on review detail. Here you go.

Unique features in Coolpad Note 3 Smartphone

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

IBM Expands Cloud Footprint in India

IBM has announced its expanding business of Cloud data services across India. There was an event in The Oberoi, Bangalore, on 13th Oct 2015 for the same. There were many heads viz. Robert J. LeBlanc, Senior Vice President, IBM Cloud, Vanitha Narayanan, Managing Director, IBM India Pvt Ltd., Sandy Carter, IBM General Manager - Cloud Ecosystem and Developers and Social Business Evangelist, Rajan Tandon, VP, NASSCOM and other few heads.


IBM Cloud service in India

Since many aware that IBM is the undisputed leader in hybrid cloud, by Synergy Research too, IBM is helping many corporate, major airports and business organization on hybrid cloud service and solutions. Thus, IBM is also stepped in expanding its cloud footprint in India too. 

From this event, we came to know and would like to share with our readers that, IBM has opened its first public cloud data center in Chennai, India. This is $1.2 billion investment from IBM for expanding data center network.

As per their statement, the Chennai one is 42nd data center globally. IBM plans all in all to have 46 data centers by end of the year 2015. To our surprise, IBM has already 1600+ clients in India alone. 

IBM clients are viz. born-on-the-web companies, startups and large companies. Also, IBM has the highest Blumix registrations and which is more than 160,000 registrants from India alone.

A digital revolution, IBM has gone mile on this and would like to combine of technical advance and business models that created most profound changes in business operation. As per head, Cloud is a platform on which the entire IBM company can deliver value that helps client thrive.

IBM is also partnering with NASSCOM to create a hub for the entire Indian ecosystem to network, helps local innovation and grow the economy. NASSCOM will help to provide 10,000 startups with a level playing field in India.

IBM is also introducing a developer cloud certification program, which allowing developers to showcase their understanding of the industry's best practices in cloud application design on IBM Bluemix. 

Since Developers and startups are an integral part of India's diverse ecosystem and key to the Digital India initiative, this Cloud service would suit and work in a safest atmosphere.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Coolpad Note 3 specification, features, price and other info

Coolpad joined hand with Dazen and they had launched their own way of Note 3 Smartphone in Bangalore on 10th Oct 2015 with dazzling weekend event.

Mr. Syed (CEO, Coolpad) introduced about the latest gadget which is about to release on 20th Oct 2015 onward via exclusive Amazon online service. 

Image courtesy: Amazon

If you are interested to know where to buy Coolpad Note 3 online then you have the right answer here. You can buy Note 3 from Amazon India online shopping site.

And, if you are looking for Note 3 smartphone features and specification then you can find them over here as well. 

There are couple of features in Coolpad Note 3 which are attractive and different than other segment devices. 


What are those features, the first one is Fingerprint at the back of the Smartphone which helps to open the display within a fraction of seconds and this is the first such feature smartphone in India. 

Price point:

The second one is, the cost is lesser than the other segment at the moment beside a private folders with protected.


Note 3 has some other features like software that helps to save your incoming message directly in a private folder with the option to open and see it per user, which is password protected. 

Customer service:

Coolpad has also pre-activated around 240 customer service centres across India before its releasing itself. What else?

In case if you would like to know what is the price of Coolpad Note 3, then it is all about Rs 8999 which is worth to buy when one observe and compare the specification and features with other segment. 

If you compare Coolpad Notepad 3 with other branded gadgets like Moto G 3 and Lenovo K3 Note then you would feel the better one on your hand.

Coolpad Note 3 smartphone Specification and features

Processor: Octa Core
OS: Android, vS.1 (Lollipop).
Display:  5.5 inch HD
Storage: 16GB
Graphic: Mali T720
Rear camera: 13MP with auto focus and LED flash
Front camera: 5MP
SIM: Dual
Connectivity: 4G LTE, 3G and GSM
Battery: 3000mAH 

Coolpad Note 3 price: Rs 8,999/=

Friday, October 9, 2015

Asus Zenpad specs, features and price

There was an event of Asus Zendpad launch at Hyatt Regency, Bangalore on 8th Oct 2015. Asus released its one more latest gadget called Zenpad with high end features including first DTS Tab, 5.1 speaker, cover / case cum speaker with other great features to count.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

LG NEXUS 5X Smartphone main features, specs, price detail

Are you looking for the Smartphone from LG brand? If so, you are in the right page to get the right information on-time. Here you go for one of the best choice to choose LG brand Smartphone that comes with Nexus. It is nothing but LG NEXUS 5X gadget that has some outstanding features for you to go and grab it without any further delay.
LG NEXUS 5X main features detail
There are couple of features that may stun you and few of them stated as below. Most of the gadget or smartphone have the same or similar or more or less specs but what is the difference among them? Here you can find the differences in LG NEXUS 5X smartphone which is light weight, sleek, attentive and high end beside outstanding features as mentioned below. Find the list herein.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Philips Hue Table light

Here we have already posted all about the Hue lights from Philips and it was all about the wide ranges of lights and decoration. However, here you go just for the Hue Portable or Table Light which is very attractive and affordable price for attentive around. You would have find the cheap and best hue lights from other brands but this one is just from Philips with guaranteed.