Friday, August 31, 2012

Get Windows 8 OS Release Product Keys

Windows 8 OS real version to launch soon

As per Microsoft official website, please find Windows 8 OS product key herein. In 2011, Microsoft first launched Windows 8 Developer Preview, after few months Microsoft again released Windows 8 Consumer Preview

There were many expectations across globe for Windows 8 OS real version release following its earlier test releases. Now, much awaits Windows 8 OS to be launched very soon. As per online news, Microsoft is going to launch Windows 8 OS real version maximum by either September 2012 or November 2012.

Windows 8 Release Preview is just pre-release software, thus you can't see the same in its commercial release in the near future, and there will be much and more updates upon Windows 8 OS real version release. 

However, you can find Windows 8 OS Developer Preview, Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Windows 8 OS real version tips, updates and news etc. from this site also.

Windows 8 OS release preview Product Keys

You can get the latest and updated information about Windows 8 OS release preview here. By the way, you can find Windows 8 OS Product Key:   TK8TP-9JN6P-7X7WW-RFFTV-B7QPF for its release preview.

To download Windows 8 Consumer Preview with product key, you need to have your system space at least 3.3GB for 64bit and 2.5GB for 32bit. If you have already a system that runs Windows 7 OS then still it is more than enough to run Windows 8 OS.

Minimum System requirement for Windows 8 OS and its release preview run

For touch facility, you need updated and latest system with touch integrated, like tablet PCs, Slate or Advanced configuration and suitable devices.

For normal desktop and laptop, you need the following specification to run Windows 8 OS
RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)
Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster
HDD space: 16 GB (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)
Graphics card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver

Find Microsoft official link for Windows 8 OS Release Preview. For more detail on how to install Windows 8 release preview, kindly check Microsoft official link given here.

Also, stay tuned here in this site, we will update you more on Windows 8 PhoneWindows 8 Netbook and Windows 8 Tablet PCs etc.
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From this article, you have known where and how to get Windows 8 OS Product Keys. Microsoft official website for Windows 8 OS related product key, find Microsoft URL, you can get the latest information on Windows 8 OS releasing preview here. 

You can find Windows 8 OS Product Key as well. If you want to know how to install Windows 8 release preview then check the detail here, also find here Windows 8 OS tips, updates and news etc.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Samsung C370 DVD player description and review

Looking for Samsung C370 DVD player review and its detail here? Then here you go for it.

How to buy a DVD player? Are you confused to buy a DVD player? If yes, nothing to worry. Please go through this article to know more detail about buying a DVD for you. 

My old DVD player (I don't like to mention brand name) gives me a lot of issues like struck Disk in it before and during play, incorrect display, sometime extra voice from it, remote control issue, no digital display, unable to clean it via DVD cleaner, original Disk not able to read and play and so on. 

To replace the existing DVD player, I was looking for some good DVD player to buy which can help us for few years without any issue. I am normally used to write about latest computer, laptop, desktop, tablet PC and Smartphone and general topic etc. but this time I am also writing about DVD player.

I went to few showrooms in Bangalore that are selling DVD player nearby my residence. I got to go showrooms in Bangalore like Girias, Next, SPAR, Samsung showroom, Big Bazaar etc. to get the detail and the best DVD player in the market with average budget.

I came across few different branded DVD player like ONIDA brand various series DVD players, Hitachi brand series DVD players, Samsung brand series DVD players and Sony brand series DVD players other than some unknown brand DVD players etc. 

Finally, I have to select Samsung C370 DVD player. I bought Samsung C370 DVD player for Rs 2500/= as an offer price from one of the reputed showroom whereas its actual price is Rs 2990/=. One way, this is branded DVD player and less price as well compare to other brand DVD player with similar configuration.

As a new product, Samsung C370 DVD player gives zero issue. This DVD player accepts both the type of Disk like normal one and original disk of the movies. Samsung C370 DVD player have very nice digital timer and display which enrich your entertainment. 

It has USB data cable option, Samsung C370 DVD player has very nice and small remote control which can help you to keep handy with maximum four inches and unlike a big size old remote control. One of the main drawback from this model C370 is that you have to use "Silver" CD or the Original CD or else it won't perform.

How to buy a DVD player? Find tips and guideline to buy a DVD Player.

1.     Read DVD Player review in various websites to learn the customer feedback on DVD players they bought. Try to ask them if you have any query on their purchased DVD model.

2. Try to reach few showrooms to enquire about various branded DVD players, its description and price detail. You can compare DVD players between various brands listed.

3. Just cross check the DVD player performance in overall for very few days. Try to observe few additional things from DVD player and remember it for writing about those valuable information.

4. You can write about the DVD player pros and cons in your own blog or any reputed sites.

5.     You can provide some relevant navigational links / URL relevant to your purchased product as a reference source for further reading.