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ZOOOK’s non-contact Infra Temp thermometer features and price

Are you planning to buy non-contact Infra Temp thermometer? If yes, here is a good news and an option for you. ZOOOK’s non-contact Infra Temp thermometer arrives, promises safer workplaces and households.

Covid-19 has brought about some instrumental changes in our lifestyles. And with no immediate sign of it weeding out anytime soon, even governments have said that we need to adopt an evolved lifestyle. This product by French brand ZOOOK is completely in sync with the need of the hour.

French brand ZOOOK, a pioneer in innovative consumer technology products, has launched a state-of-the-art contact-less Medical Grade thermometer developed in accordance with the requirements in the wake of Covid-19.

ZOOOK’s non-contact Infra Temp thermometer features:

The infrared digital dual mode thermometer, named Infra Temp, enables quick detection of the temperature of a body or a surface. Without touching the surface, it acquires accurate temperature reading within one second.

The non-contact thermometer, which comes with a one-year warranty, has an inbuilt alert mechanism and rings an alarm if temperature is beyond permissible limit.

Also part of the mechanism is light-based alerts, wherein screen light turns white, orange and red for normal temperature, high temperature and fever, respectively.

To ease out process at workplaces, ZOOOK Infra Temp is further capable of storing up to 30 groups of measurement readings.

This large storage capacity would act as a ready reckoner of employees’ temperature records for a company. The temperatures can be taken and recorded in both Celsius as well as Fahrenheit, as per the requirement and the on-screen menu gives an option to change the units.

Special focus has also been given to the look of the apparatus. Infra Temp comes with a tri-colour backlit LCD screen, and the large screen display is aided by a bright white backlight, making the readings easily readable even during night hours.

The latest offering by ZOOOK is further equipped with an intelligent shutdown system, which means it shuts down automatically when not in use.

Ultra-low power consumption, power display and low-power reminder add to the virtues of the device, which has IPXD protection against liquid penetration. All we need are two AAA batteries to keep Infra Temp functional.

ZOOOK Infra Temp price: INR 3999. It is available on Amazon.

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