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How to Unlock Apple iPhone / iCloud / iTunes etc.

If you have an iPhone and unable to operate it due to Apple ID and Password requirement or different carrier contract or bought used iPhone etc. then the simple solution is to have the Apple ID and Password or purchased invoice or Registered First Name, Last Name and Email to claim, or iTunes access etc. without which it is really tough for people to unlock the iPhone / iCloud / iTunes etc.

In addition, there could also be three different reason for locked the phone, one is bought used iPhone without iCloud unlocked or factory setting restore, the second one could be stolen iPhone and the third one is entering wrong passcode many times.

If you have an iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, iPhone X, or even the latest iPhone 11 or iPhone XS etc. and unable to unlock the device / iCloud / iTunes etc. then it is like a dead phone, time being. Apple iOS or macOS is very strong. There could be different solution for it as shown in few articles or videos but they might not work mostly except rare case.

Few might suggest different website or person to unlock the iPhone or iCloud but mostly it won't work out due to Apple's toughest security system in place for its customers across the globe. The brand is often updating the software to clear the loophole etc. in order to provide better privacy and safety system to its customers.

If you have an iPhone's bill or Apple ID / Password or relevant credential but the issue is your iPhone locked then you can still unlock it. The guideline is also available online in a different sources on different scenario. You may refer them.

In case if you have iPad or Mac or different Apple gadgets with the same credential then you are little safe to get it back.

If you enter the wrong passcode many times, your phone will be locked and no way to bypass the passcode without factory setting of the iPhone. Here iTunes would help you to reset the disabled phone to its factory setting to get back to your data (the last backup taken).

If you have Apple ID but forgot the password then no issue, few verification will be there from Apple to assist you. The link is

Also, in case if you know the right person's First Name, Last Name and Email address then you can get your Apple ID. The link is given here to search and get it. Refer

This is one of the reason people used to buy iPhone for privacy, safety and secure the data etc.

We would update you more on this, soon. Stay tuned.