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How to turn your iPhone into a microphone or add the Magnifier button?

Would you like to know how to turn your iPhone into a microphone that sends sound to your AirPods or a compatible device? If yes, find its simple steps given here. Also, we have given one more iPhone tips on Magnifier button usage for few other benefits of the iPhone.

Just go through the following image and arrow mark, the first step is on top arrow mark and the next one is at the bottom icon to enable it or turn your iPhone into a microphone for suitable device.

To quickly turn it on anytime, add the Hearing button to Control Center.

Also, follow the almost same steps to add the Magnifier button in Settings > Control Center, then tap it anytime. So that you can use it effectively for few features including enlarge the text or icon etc.

Another iPhone tips:

In setting, tap 'Accessibility' option.

Tap Display and Text size.

Tap Larger Text

Tap Larger Accessibility sizes.

To adjust text size anytime, add it to Control Center. How?

In setting, tap Control center

Tap Customize controls.

Tap '+' to add Text size.

Open Control center and tap small and large text aA.

You will get vertical battery sign to increase or reduce the text size by tapping up or down.

Hope the above tips helped you to do something new in your iPhone. Find more articles related to iPhones here in this website.