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TCL RAY•DANZ Soundbar with Dolby Atmos

TCL has launched 9 Series RAY•DANZ Soundbar with Dolby Atmos Receives iF DESIGN AWARD 2020 For Its Unique Design Featuring TCL’s Innovative Acoustic Reflector Technology. Are you interested to know more detail about it? If yes, here you go.
TCL Electronics (1070.HK), one of the leading players in the global TV industry and a leading consumer electronics company, underlines its commitment to sound technology innovation as the TCL 9 Series RAY•DANZ soundbar with Dolby Atmos receives the iF DESIGN AWARD 2020 for its design featuring TCL’s unique and innovative acoustic reflector technology.

The TCL RAY•DANZ soundbar with Dolby Atmoswas designed around our customer’s needs to deliver a truly immersive DolbyAtmos home entertainment experience. It’ll be globally available from May 2020.

Triple-Channel Speakers features:

1) The Center Channel

A dedicated front firing speaker and tweeter are used for the center channel—an arrangement that is normally only reserved for more high-end home theater systems. This dedicated channel provides clear dialogue and voice positioning for especially vocal content.

2) The SurroundChannels

The surround speaker drivers fire backwards toward the curved acoustic reflector units, refracting various frequencies at precisely calculated angles that create a much wider and immersive soundstage compared to the most digital virtualizers on the market. Unique to the RAY•DANZ technology is that it widens the sound stage by physical means instead of digital processing resulting in a much more natural sounding soundstage.

3) Wireless Subwoofer

A good subwoofer is all about the bass quality that distinguishes a quality system. Intense bass has a special capability of drawing the audience into the content. TheRAY•DANZ Soundbar subwoofer connects wirelessly, delivering powerful, ground-shaking bass without all the tedious cabling. 

How RAY•DANZ Technology works?

The combination of all three technologies provide an extremely wide and precise soundstage with great precision without any digital processing.

Reflectors - Precisely angled drivers

The precisely angled speaker drivers fire towards a pair of curved acoustic reflectors that beam the higher frequencies spatially distributed into the room, which in creates a wide sound stage for the audience.

Wide Sound with Depth - Depth forward focused sound field

Mid and lower-mid frequencies are predominantly reflected by a different section of the reflector, yielding more forward focused sound fields. The slightly outward direction of the 9 Series RAY•DANZ sound bar produces improved channel separation providing greater depth perception.

Clear Vocals - Accurate voice positioning

A dedicated front firing loudspeaker system is used to reproduce the center channel, providing accurate voice positioning and excellent voice intelligibility.