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Mi is launching new series Laptop in India - It's Time

What Next from MI is the hashtag sounds pretty good, from Xiaomi. The brand is expected to launch Mi Laptop in India very soon. What we got some news about the Mi Laptop is going to be a different one than its earlier series of laptops. Hope so.

Xiaomi has earlier released Mi Notebook Air (2019), Mi Notebook Air (2018) and Mi Gaming laptop etc. The brand is launching different gadgets in a different time with a reasonable price considering the decent specifications in them. Very competitive market. Xiaomi is growing accordingly.

After Mi's laptop launches in India, the other brands like, Dell, HP, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Sony, Samsung, Apple's Mac etc. will have huge competition around. Interesting battle can be seen.

Mi is launching the laptop on-time, as COVID-19 brought some changes in working pattern. Yes, work from home have increased and it is uncomfortable to work from large screen smartphones though it has enough benefits. So, the high-end laptop with mobile platform would benefit many users including the brand. Right step in a right time.

If you are looking for the latest or upcoming Mi laptop's key features, technical specifications, price, launch date, sale date, first impression, hands-on, comparison and review etc. then you could find few of them over here once it is official. It's time. It's Mi Laptop, to be available soon. Stay tuned.