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Corona virus and its effect around the (Tech) World

We are going through COVID-19 phase for the past few months. After China and Italy toll risen, similar effect gradually moving with other countries too. It seems unstoppable at the moment. 

No one is confirmed the root cause of the deadly Corona virus spread across the countries despite its origin or known to be begun with China's particular region, specially Wuhan city and Hubei province.

China is well known for many things, a larger and advanced country, huge population, popular foods, and electronic gadgets manufacturing and exporting to many countries across the globe. One of the key role plays for World economy or GDP etc.

How Corona Virus 2019 begun?

It was approx in November or December 2019 but many came to know across the globe in Jan 2020 or so. Till then it was just like a normal or flu type cases and its consequences or death. 

The panic begun when the death counts were increased in Wuhan or surrounding area, and then the way its message across the media (TV and newspaper) and social media published to even more scared across.

Few countries sent the flights to evacuate their citizen from China to save their own people. Few didn't. Few misinformation too arrived on the social media or Whatsapp etc. What really has happened is unaware so far except the strange activity, fever or flu or COVID-19 symptom, quarantine, solution process, recovers or some death.

The panic really started from China and it was increased when Iran and Italy too faced the same situation almost. With this continuation, we came to know that other European and Asian countries too suffering. Also, we got some more information from the US and UK etc.

Another issue is, one can know the Crona fever symptom but no medical solution for it. New virus thus it will take time to find out its vaccine. Hmmm. Still world is facing the challenges.

Prevention is better than cure. Hard to prevent it since no one know how Corona virus spread across. Mask and sanitation seem doesn't work much despite using them. The fever and Corona affect identifies after certain days or weeks only. Till then it looks like a normal flu or fever. Later, few advised that if one fell diarrhea or full body pain beside fever (after cold, cough and flu type) then it could be considered as Corona Virus affect. So, need to treat with utmost care beside self-isolation to avoid spreading it further.

One side, death news, recovering news, quarantine., and the other hand, it spread in other countries and increasing the number of confirmed cases. The panic situation continues. The Corona not only affected the percentage of the human lives but economy too including technology and healthcare etc.

Few experts and heads including Bill Gates have warned potential harm from chemical related virus to globe.

Stay tuned for more updates.