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How to record video in iPhone instantly

Are you an iPhone user? Would you like to take video from iPhone within few second? No idea how to record video from iPhone instantly? If yes, we will brief you on this. 

There are some advantages for iPhone users and they can use the latest Apple's iOS effectively for it. Video recording in iPhone quickly is one of them.

You just need to follow the below steps given for it.

Step 1: Touch and hold the Camera app on your Home screen of the iPhone. You will see the screen like below. Then follow the next steps given below.

Step 2: Tap Record Video.

Step 3: Record the video as per your requirement and save it. Done.

Now, we are guiding you on another setting in iPhone. Yes. How to alert you for different events? How to set in iPhone?

Step 1: Go to 'Setting' and 'calendar' in iPhone.

Step 2: Tap on 'Default alert times' there.

Step 3: Select an event type over there.

Step 4: You can now choose the 'alert time' as you like as per the list shown there. Done.

Hope this article helped you to do some setting in iPhone that really worked for your schedule.

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