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Apple iMac and Mac mini 2020: Launches and leaks

Apple is expected to unveil iMac and iMac Pro series (desktop and laptop computers) in upcoming months. The brand usually introduces their latest gadgets in May and September month every year as you might be aware of it.

So, this time or very soon, you can expect the latest iMac, MacMini, iMacPro, and MacPro devices in their list. The upcoming computers would come with the latest features compare to the former one.

There are rumors and speculations already begun with regards to Apple's upcoming devices including iPhone 2020. You would see a different designs and patterns of Apple's iMac and Mac mini 2020.

Addition leak info is, the new 14.1 inch MacBook Pro 2020 news is around and few sources says that the upcoming laptop or desktop might even come with the Mini LED display beside the latest processor and high-end RAM / ROM and other specs with features.

If you are looking for Apple iMac and Mac mini's leaks, launch date, release date, selling date, key features, specs, comparison and review etc. then you could find few of them once it is official.

So, stay tuned for more updates on this. Till that you can check latest Apple's devices.