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Smartsheet - A Powerful Platform for Healthcare Organizations

Would you like to know what is Smartsheet ? How it helps for medical or healthcare industry? If yes, read this article for little info about it.

It empowers healthcare organizations to track, manage, and report on information by improving collaboration, ensuring secure data, and increasing visibility.

Smartsheet has also few competitors, like, Availity, Softclinic, Save, eVisit, eHospital and Insta HMS etc.

With Smartsheet simple, easy-to-use spreadsheet format, it enables teams to quickly get started and easily collaborate across departments, leading to increased alignment and productivity.

Smartsheet provides the tools to support compliance for the collection and use of data, so you can securely share, store, and access PHI while meeting all of HIPAA’s regulatory requirements.

Real-time reports and dashboards ensure that you have direct access to critical information, allowing you to make the right decisions at the right time, and reduce potential risk.

Smartsheet is trusted by over 72% of the Fortune 500. That means we’ve passed some of the most demanding security reviews in the world, and we know what it takes to keep your information protected.

With a Business Associate Agreement with Smartsheet, you can securely share, store, and access PHI while meeting or exceeding all of HIPAA’s regulatory requirements.

Smartsheet also provide full-service support to help you get it through your organization’s approval process so you can start enjoying the benefits.

Manage Clinical Tests & Trials:
Create a standard process for your testing procedures and trial management. Organize contracts, documentation, timelines, and results in one central location.

Organize Provider Credentials:
Track and manage physician certifications and licenses to ensure that your organization’s physicians’ credentials and insurance information are up-to-date.

Deliver Hospital Team Onboarding:
Streamline onboarding processes to effectively onboard new employees. Track how individuals are progressing and ensure no detail is missed.

Drive Hospital IT PMO:
Share personally identifiable information (PII) in an easy and secure way. Formalize processes across the organization, ensuring secure methods for managing confidential data.

Open New Clinics:
Improve visibility into the construction and management of new clinics. Easily communicate project status across teams in real time, increasing transparency and accountability.

Execute Mergers & Acquisitions:
Accelerate deal closure by enabling collaboration and creating a process that is easily adoptable by all. 

Seamlessly manage merger transitions and acquisition changes.

Visit Smartsheet official website for contact or more detail.