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What is Swell Fundraising?

Would you like to know what is Swell Fundraising? How it helps your project or business? If yes, read this article for its brief.

Swell provides a cloud-based event and online fundraising platform with peer-to-peer features. Designed by nonprofit pros, it has an elegant ticketing process for purchased but also compliment / free / table guest tickets. 

Swell Fundraising features:

Online peer-to-peer campaigns and donation pages are easily launched and paired with their text to donate feature.   

Using Swell increases event revenue, saves time, ensures a smooth check-in and enables nonprofits to acquire new donors effectively.  

Swell is committed to nonprofits and customer service reflects the commitment.

Online campaign sites
Event fundraising
Virtual Events
Event management app.

Fundraising Ideas from Swell:

Use Swell easy-to-use website templates to add your own images, sponsor logos, and content to instantly create a campaign!

Launch a crowdfunding campaign, peer to peer effort, team/group competitions, co-brand with a sponsor or livestream for a Giving Day. Swell will help you use the tool to craft your unique campaign.

Pair your campaign with Swell's event tools like text-to-donate, live fundraising thermometers so that your online campaign can truly go anywhere.

Fundraising social media / sites:

It helps combine with Swell's Mobile Giving Features to Show Real Time Fundraising Totals

Show your event or campaign tally. Always up-to-date.

Thank donors as they give. 

Enter offline gifts.

Customize the presentation for YOUR event.  

It also display all public Tweets and Instagram posts associated with your event hashtag. On-site donors are automatically recognized on screen! 

Swell app will integrate social media, fundraising activity and your presentation into the most custom, engaging presentation available as well.

You can visit Swell at and contact for more detail.