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MapmyIndia Maps and Move app empowering citizens to report Corona lock down issues to authority

MapmyIndia Move app & are empowering citizens to help authorities (PMOIndia, local governments, police etc.) know about public grievances (e.g.non-allowance of essential supplies) and lapses in enforcement related to Corona lock down. 

This can be easily done on the MapmyIndia maps - citizens can share / tag the relevant authorities pin-pointing the specific problem, along with its location. Authorities can immediately activate the nearest and most suitable person/resource to reach the exact spot, using MapmyIndia’s live navigation guidance, without delay.

Since the authorities have specific and accurate information about the nature problem the person dispatched / deployed will be well equipped/informed to handle the situation.

With limited resources and many constraints, the government authorities are still doing their best to maintain calm and keep Indians safe and sound. 

Using resources like the Move app and MapmyIndia maps we all can act as force multipliers for the authorities. And it is very simple (Video link:

Click “Report an Issue“ on Move App – actively help the government and local authorities by reporting issues around you, like lapses in law enforcement, non-allowance of delivery of essentials “Share“ the Live Dashboard ( – while you can find help through the dashboard, you can also play a part by sharing it with family & friends across popular social media platforms e.g. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram & Twitter.