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Apple COVID-19 Screening Tool

Apple has introduced COVID-19 Screening Tool for up-to-date information and guidance on the Corona-virus from official sources, you can visit the new COVID-19 site, developed by them in partnership with the CDC.

Apple COVID-19 Screening Tool:

This tool can help you understand what to do next about COVID-19. How to check COVID-19? How to move? How to know its status etc. It will guide you and will ask you few question which you need to answer to know the status.

Let’s all look out for each other by knowing your status, trying not to infect others, and reserving care for those in need.

This tool will also ask you a few questions about symptoms, travel, and contact you’ve had with others. So, that it will answer you with the status. No Panic. 

As per Apple, your answers will not be shared with Apple or the CDC without your permission. So, you can visit the Apple's official website for Apple COVID-19 Screening Tool

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