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What is Clearbit?

Are you interested to know what is Clearbit? How it will be helpful for your digital business? How to become a membership? How to associate it? etc. If yes, read this article for its brief.

Today’s top sales organization knows the value of better data—smarter scoring, better routing, and more revenue won.

Clearbit automatically updates your sales records with accurate, verified company and contact data. With best-in-class data at your fingertips, you’ll have better insights into your prospects and more time to connect with them.

Better data also means better targeting: Set up smart lead scoring and segmented lists, so you always reach out with the right message. Also, you can get alerts when key contacts visit your site, and target them when you’re top of mind.

Need to supplement your existing pipeline? Finding new prospects is easy, too. Just pick a few filters, and connect with any of over 200M current contacts, all with verified contact details.

Real-time data, when and where you need it:

Start with an email address or corporate domain, and Clearbit Enrichment fills in the rest. Instantly append robust company or contact details to CRM records, in your product, or anywhere else you need them.

Broad sources = better data:

Clearbit data is sourced from over 250 public and private sources and verified for accuracy through strict quality assurance processes.

Data that's never out of date:

Unlike static databases that can quickly become stale, Clearbit searches and returns data in real time — so it's always fresh and relevant.

Over 85 unique data points:

Clearbit gathers data on over 85 unique fields — like company sector, employee size, job title, role, and more — to create rich company and contact profiles in real time.

You can sign up at clearbit website and become a member. You can even try a trial for few days. The Clearbit will help you next on associating it for your business.