Saturday, February 28, 2015

How to upgrade an old Car with Quikr NXT

If I go to any nearest pre-owned car selling dealer or agent for selling my old car then they will ask with deadly price for it or less than half of the value of the price. So, it will be frustrating or disappointing us on such unwilling deal. 

In addition, we have to pay the brokerage charges or commission to them that make us more concern on such useless deal. To avoid this one, we get so many ideas to sell our used cars or other products with reasonable price and save unnecessary deduction out of the dealing.

However, we don’t get immediate customer for the items what we are willing to sell it quickly and to buy the better one as soon as possible keeping cash of just sold items. We can’t always depend our near and dear or friends to buy our used products but looking for a wide options to be there to transact immediately. Where, how, who and when to do it?

The best way to sell the old cars

How can we get the genuine customer directly where we can get the reasonable benefit and the customer too by satisfied negotiation and dealing directly without much hassle? However, where to get the genuine customer who are serious and willing to buy our used car or other related products? 

There are many question arises as such for pleasant dealing. However, there is an option to do so online. Yes, you can simply visit Quikr NXT and become member by registering or Signing up, or login if you are already a member of it to get the advantages out of it, so quickly.

My (friend's) story on selling used and old car:

What happened recently to me is just used Quikr NXT option for selling my friend’s used Maruti 800 car to buy the same Maruti 800 car with upgraded one or latest one in the way of advanced ‘Make’ or ‘Year of manufacturer’, ‘outlook’ attraction compare to old car.

Not only this, we look upon, ‘engine performance’, ‘Air condition’, ‘Mileage’, ‘Seating and other upholstery condition’, ‘number of previous owners’, ‘overall vehicle condition’ like wheel joint / axel, ‘Battery  and wiring condition’ and  ‘tyre’ condition so on and etc. etc. this is the advantages of Quikr. There are pros more and cons less.

If you have a question like which online portal is the best for buying or selling items, then, one answer is Quikr.

Now, we got the customer very quickly after we publishing our used car ad at Quikr NXT, we were able to identify, chat, find and meet many loyal and serious customers from nearby region and they had look on our car. Some of them asked for deadly price too and later we realized that they are from some local agent / dealer. 

However, we got a good customer finally per our choice and sold the used Maruti 800 car with benefit without any issue. Both of them are happy on this with genuine documents. 

We got cash and thanks to Quikr NXT for helping us on finding genuine customer which helped us to deal directly and got satisfied benefit within short duration. Sometime we get call from Quikr to know the status or whether we satisfied with their portal.

Yes, now, we published ad on the same Quikr NXT for finding car that matching our needs, we didn’t get that much response except few. Anyhow, we got the better upgraded car from Quikr on browsing one by one and later used Quikr feature to communicate to buy used car in a decent and satisfied price directly. 

This feature really helps many customers online to do ‘the best deal’ for any product that one likes. The most important one is, safe and secure process, identify the real customer and successful dealing. You can do it.

This article has been written for Quikr NXT in association with IndiBlogger's Happy Hour contest.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Top 7 Free Web Hosting Sites Without Ads

A website has a purpose. Whether it’s for blogging, marketing, customer support or else, having a website enables you to reach global audience, share your thoughts, promote your products and engage with your customers at an ease no other medium provides you. Today having a website has become so much easy and cheap, if not free, that anyone can own one at cost of some time.

So as soon as you decide that you want to have your own website, there are three things that you should consider: purpose, domain name and hosting. Below I have listed top free web hosting services that are free from advertisements and which you can use while you make your website. If you are interested in buy a paid hosting plan the you can see the reviews of hosting companies in India.

Ad free hosting


Sunday, February 15, 2015

How to promote your app on social media sites

To increase number of downloads of your android applications, you must use social networking site as a promotional strategy. There are many ways out there but social networks and media sites are free. 

Promote your application on social medial:

This is one of the more popular choices because it either costs little or it’s entirely free. Sites such as Android Reddit, Facebook, Digg, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and all the others. 

Use any or all at the same time. Go all out if and when you can. The upside is you can gain tons of attention for your app from any one of these sites and it’s really not hard do. 

You also need to include a nice screenshot(s) and all needed links in the posts/ads and you should be all set. The downside is trying to post that much and maintaining all those posts. 

Yes, you’re going to lose if someone comments on any of your posts/ads and no one replies or it goes unnoticed. Make SURE those posts/ads are as clear as possible. Examples: “here’s the download link(s)”, “this is what the app does”, and similar things. It serves as another spot to work keywords/SEO into.

Market your app on Facebook.

The fun part to Facebook is the Facebook Groups. You can make your own and join others. There’re tons of Facebook Groups currently out there that will let anyone freely post/advertise about their app. 

One of the main targets for Facebook Groups is to find “buy n sell” groups. That and groups that are related in some useful manner to your app. 

The typical situation is that both will let any member post advertisements usually without restrictions/limits or cost. The part to remember is to READ THE RULES OF THE GROUP FIRST. 

When you make a Facebook Group for your app, the sky’s the limit. It’s your group, do what you want with it. Things like offering contests or a promotional price if your app is a paid app.

Posting Capabilities of Your App:

This is where your app can really go all over creation while at the same time you had to do little to make it happen. Yes, apps can have the option for a user to post things on sites like Facebook, Twitter and others. 

It’s what the app can post that makes all the difference. This can really make a user happy or really make them mad. A user might be pretty happy about your app letting them have the option to post a picture they took somewhere. Said post can also include a link to your app. 

A user might consider legal actions against you if your app is posting private information about them somewhere. 

Be careful about this. For the most part, games are what take advantage of this the most. Being able to post high scores and/or screenshots of game play are among some of the options.

You can also look at other resources on web, to promote your android app.

Promotion through contests:

The other part is in contests. It’s usually a pretty good way to promote your app. Offer a contest that makes the user post to/share on their Facebook, Twitter, and whatever other accounts they have to be entered into the contest. That’s just one option. 

Hire Help from others:

This one is done quite often. App developers will hire writers and anyone else they can get to write reviews in the App Store, post on blogs, post on social networking sites, and post anywhere else they can think of. Similar to the review writing from friends/family, be sure they make it natural/honest sounding. 

One of the best tricks to this is to look for gaming addicts. You’d be able to identify the REAL gaming addicts in their talk about Facebook games. What you’re looking for is when they can list the games they play on Facebook and prove they do play them. Part one is that it would usually be a pretty big list. 

Part two is that the list has many games that have gift sending in them and Facebook played MMORPGs that allow multiple character creation. The reason is because those people tend to make many Facebook accounts. So if they were advertising for your app(s) on their accounts, your app(s) has/have plenty of potential to go all over creation in a hurry. 

The reason is that when they make many Facebook accounts for gaming, they also tend to add a lot of friends to those accounts also. Complete strangers that just so happen to be playing the same games. That’s how your app gets spread all over creation.


Another very popular choice is creating a video about AND including things in your app(s) and posting it on YouTube. Again, be absolutely sure you followed the main rule or it will be a disaster for you and your app(s) on a planetary scale. Don’t doubt that for one second. 

However, if done properly, YouTube videos can be a serious help to your app(s) on a planetary scale. Exactly the type of thing you want. Make them as clear as you can.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

5 reasons to buy Asus Zenfone 6 A600CG or A601CG smartphone

Are you bored with the expensive smartphones that gives the same features as offered by low cost smartphone or cheapest mobile phones too? If so, you can go with this post and find out a different gadget that can help you to avoid disappointment on similar features' gadget to give Valentine's Day gift. 

You will also know why one has to buy this mobile phone, what is the main features to go with this in addition to cheap and best device for Valentine's suitable. Here you go for it. It is none other gadget than Asus Zenfone 6 smartphone, in this you will find five reasons to buy Zenfone 6 from anywhere or via online at Flipkart as best deal to deliver at your doorstep.

Five reasons to buy Asus Zenfone 6 smartphone:

2 GB RAM in Asus Zenfone: 
Internal memory is higher than normal laptop or desktop which can enrich its performance that helps its end user in one go. Go with higher RAM to enjoy its speed and performance. Note: My office laptop still has 1GB RAM and unable to upgrade it, so this smartphone's performance, low cost and higher performance is far better than my laptop.

Intel Atom Processor and OS in Asus Zenfone:
Beside well known and reliable Intel processor in this device, it has Android v4.3 (Jelly Bean) Operating System which is quite popular to go with it. Download various apps, Browse and play fast. You can upgrade pre-installed OS Jelly Bean to Android v4.4 (KitKat) OS without any jerk.

6-inch Capacitive Touchscreen in Asus Zenfone:
Who don't like the big screen to watch live video or colorful snaps or official documents while walk or travel? The six inches screen from this device can perform more and better than attraction. It has Powerful Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which can let you make more comfortable. 

Camera features in Asus Zenfone:
13 MP Master Camera with Auto Focus is one of the best feature in this gadget. Other best character from this Asus Zenfone 6 series is one can shoot the photo or video and post it immediately on the system or blog considering its quality picture without much hassle on editing them. It helps for WiFi, Bluetooth file transfer to exchange the data, and it has expandable storage memory for saving various stuff etc.

Battery backup in Asus Zenfone: 
We can use Asus Zenfone 6 A600CG also for travel without carrying any power bank or its charger, this smartphone gives us approx talk Time of 28 hrs in 3G and Standby Time mode for 398 hrs in 3G connectivity. What else we need more the best features stated. Wait, you have more features from this device which you need to grab a piece and check it out to realize its perfectionist. Experience #UnconditionalLove with the Zenfone. Enjoy yourself!

This article is written for Happy Hour contest of Asus Zenfone in association with IndiBlogger for Experience #UnconditionalLove with the Zenfone. Asus is about to release some more Smartphones sooner and as per latest confirmation during Apr 2015, Asus has released Zenfone 2 in India with 4GB RAM and higher configuration in affordable price.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

IndiBlogger Asus Meet Bangalore 2015

IndiBlogger team almost forgot Bangalorean in 2014 for its meet and it seems they had suddenly remembered it and joined hand with Asus to make Bloggers Meet at ITC Gardenia Bangalore on 30th Jan 2015 at 5:30pm. 

There was Happy Hour contest for this and some of them won and register it as voucher cum invite for 150 seats. However, it was later increased and there were 200 seats for Bangalorean and all of them were unable to fill up by just Bangalore bloggers so some of the outside bloggers were invited and attended in. 

A person got the voucher for this reason too (who came for this meet from very long distance than Chennai).

As usual, security or ID check conducted followed by email registration on the system. Mysore Hall in ITC Gardenia was filled up with full of colorful Bloggers. It was very colorful really :-) but no time to observe them since IB team let us engaged with continuous program from the very beginning by Anoop, Nihal with other IB team members that they started the program by rocking on the stage. 

They supposed to be in either Bollywood or Hollywood too :-). I was unable to meet some known person except few in this meet. I was able to meet Anoop in the middle and Renie at the end of the program.

(it is your own risk to watch this video as it has very poor audio and video)

A new member (first time IndiMeet attended person) got a voucher just for fun answering as 'got invitation, there will be dinner served in ITC Gardenia'. Also other three bloggers got their vouchers on winning by funny tweet contest. 

There were some vouchers / gifts flying here and there. One more new contest in the auditorium was, one has to collect any personal items from known or unknown bloggers and has to collect also their email ID with blog names etc. 

The more collection, the more chances of winning the game. It was absolutely fantastic theme or aim to introduce each other and sharing some knowledge among bloggers. Some shares used movie ticket, diabetic pills, plucking hair and Viagra etc. This is the second time we are/were in ITC Gardenia from IB team, and the first one was Nokia AppTasting in 2012.

Now, I am coming back to the main topic on Asus. It was introduced two different gadgets, one is Asus EeeBook X205 and the other one is Asus All-in-One PC ET2040. Their specification as below.

Asus EeeBook X205 specs:
Intel Atom Processor Z3735F Quad core (upto 1.8Ghz, 2M)
Windows 8.1 OS
Intel Gen 7 graphics
11.6 HD Glare
Price: Rs 14,999/=

Asus All-in-One PC ET2040 specs:
Windows 8.1 OS
Intel HD graphic
19.5" HD 1366x768 LED-backlit
Price: Rs 24,999/= (Amazon price)

Mr. Chu Regional Manager Asia, explained those gadgets in detail and answered couple of the question from the bloggers including various features cross' questions.

However, IndiMeet 2015 Bangalore let us forgot various concerns in between and it helped a bit on relaxation for few hours in chilled atmosphere beside bloggers conversation around. 

Finally, there was again contest between five sets of group with different theme given by, and I was in the last group who got 'Movie theme' which our team smart members planned and used the movie dialogue sequence with translating and matching IB and Bloggers' view. 

The first dialogue start between two as below. I got an opportunity to hit the drum on the stage.

A: Kaun haire thu?
B: Rishte me tho hum thumare baap lagte hai lekin naam hai IndiBlogger...

Rest funny stuff you can see it in IndiMeet video from official IB site or FB page or Twitter page. the end, we got very nice dinner from luxurious five star hotel's visit. Yummy, and exited from the below image area. 

Thanks to IB, Asus and Bloggers. Thanks to my blog visitors as well!