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IndiBlogger Asus Meet Bangalore 2015

IndiBlogger team almost forgot Bangalorean in 2014 for its meet and it seems they had suddenly remembered it and joined hand with Asus to make Bloggers Meet at ITC Gardenia Bangalore on 30th Jan 2015 at 5:30pm. 

There was Happy Hour contest for this and some of them won and register it as voucher cum invite for 150 seats. However, it was later increased and there were 200 seats for Bangalorean and all of them were unable to fill up by just Bangalore bloggers so some of the outside bloggers were invited and attended in. 

A person got the voucher for this reason too (who came for this meet from very long distance than Chennai).

As usual, security or ID check conducted followed by email registration on the system. Mysore Hall in ITC Gardenia was filled up with full of colorful Bloggers. It was very colorful really :-) but no time to observe them since IB team let us engaged with continuous program from the very beginning by Anoop, Nihal with other IB team members that they started the program by rocking on the stage. 

They supposed to be in either Bollywood or Hollywood too :-). I was unable to meet some known person except few in this meet. I was able to meet Anoop in the middle and Renie at the end of the program.

(it is your own risk to watch this video as it has very poor audio and video)

A new member (first time IndiMeet attended person) got a voucher just for fun answering as 'got invitation, there will be dinner served in ITC Gardenia'. Also other three bloggers got their vouchers on winning by funny tweet contest. 

There were some vouchers / gifts flying here and there. One more new contest in the auditorium was, one has to collect any personal items from known or unknown bloggers and has to collect also their email ID with blog names etc. 

The more collection, the more chances of winning the game. It was absolutely fantastic theme or aim to introduce each other and sharing some knowledge among bloggers. Some shares used movie ticket, diabetic pills, plucking hair and Viagra etc. This is the second time we are/were in ITC Gardenia from IB team, and the first one was Nokia AppTasting in 2012.

Now, I am coming back to the main topic on Asus. It was introduced two different gadgets, one is Asus EeeBook X205 and the other one is Asus All-in-One PC ET2040. Their specification as below.

Asus EeeBook X205 specs:
Intel Atom Processor Z3735F Quad core (upto 1.8Ghz, 2M)
Windows 8.1 OS
Intel Gen 7 graphics
11.6 HD Glare
Price: Rs 14,999/=

Asus All-in-One PC ET2040 specs:
Windows 8.1 OS
Intel HD graphic
19.5" HD 1366x768 LED-backlit
Price: Rs 24,999/= (Amazon price)

Mr. Chu Regional Manager Asia, explained those gadgets in detail and answered couple of the question from the bloggers including various features cross' questions.

However, IndiMeet 2015 Bangalore let us forgot various concerns in between and it helped a bit on relaxation for few hours in chilled atmosphere beside bloggers conversation around. 

Finally, there was again contest between five sets of group with different theme given by, and I was in the last group who got 'Movie theme' which our team smart members planned and used the movie dialogue sequence with translating and matching IB and Bloggers' view. 

The first dialogue start between two as below. I got an opportunity to hit the drum on the stage.

A: Kaun haire thu?
B: Rishte me tho hum thumare baap lagte hai lekin naam hai IndiBlogger...

Rest funny stuff you can see it in IndiMeet video from official IB site or FB page or Twitter page. the end, we got very nice dinner from luxurious five star hotel's visit. Yummy, and exited from the below image area. 

Thanks to IB, Asus and Bloggers. Thanks to my blog visitors as well!