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How to upgrade an old Car with Quikr NXT

If I go to any nearest pre-owned car selling dealer or agent for selling my old car then they will ask with deadly price for it or less than half of the value of the price. So, it will be frustrating or disappointing us on such unwilling deal. 

In addition, we have to pay the brokerage charges or commission to them that make us more concern on such useless deal. To avoid this one, we get so many ideas to sell our used cars or other products with reasonable price and save unnecessary deduction out of the dealing.

However, we don’t get immediate customer for the items what we are willing to sell it quickly and to buy the better one as soon as possible keeping cash of just sold items. We can’t always depend our near and dear or friends to buy our used products but looking for a wide options to be there to transact immediately. Where, how, who and when to do it?

The best way to sell the old cars

How can we get the genuine customer directly where we can get the reasonable benefit and the customer too by satisfied negotiation and dealing directly without much hassle? However, where to get the genuine customer who are serious and willing to buy our used car or other related products? 

There are many question arises as such for pleasant dealing. However, there is an option to do so online. Yes, you can simply visit Quikr NXT and become member by registering or Signing up, or login if you are already a member of it to get the advantages out of it, so quickly.

My (friend's) story on selling used and old car:

What happened recently to me is just used Quikr NXT option for selling my friend’s used Maruti 800 car to buy the same Maruti 800 car with upgraded one or latest one in the way of advanced ‘Make’ or ‘Year of manufacturer’, ‘outlook’ attraction compare to old car.

Not only this, we look upon, ‘engine performance’, ‘Air condition’, ‘Mileage’, ‘Seating and other upholstery condition’, ‘number of previous owners’, ‘overall vehicle condition’ like wheel joint / axel, ‘Battery  and wiring condition’ and  ‘tyre’ condition so on and etc. etc. this is the advantages of Quikr. There are pros more and cons less.

If you have a question like which online portal is the best for buying or selling items, then, one answer is Quikr.

Now, we got the customer very quickly after we publishing our used car ad at Quikr NXT, we were able to identify, chat, find and meet many loyal and serious customers from nearby region and they had look on our car. Some of them asked for deadly price too and later we realized that they are from some local agent / dealer. 

However, we got a good customer finally per our choice and sold the used Maruti 800 car with benefit without any issue. Both of them are happy on this with genuine documents. 

We got cash and thanks to Quikr NXT for helping us on finding genuine customer which helped us to deal directly and got satisfied benefit within short duration. Sometime we get call from Quikr to know the status or whether we satisfied with their portal.

Yes, now, we published ad on the same Quikr NXT for finding car that matching our needs, we didn’t get that much response except few. Anyhow, we got the better upgraded car from Quikr on browsing one by one and later used Quikr feature to communicate to buy used car in a decent and satisfied price directly. 

This feature really helps many customers online to do ‘the best deal’ for any product that one likes. The most important one is, safe and secure process, identify the real customer and successful dealing. You can do it.

This article has been written for Quikr NXT in association with IndiBlogger's Happy Hour contest.