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How to promote your app on social media sites

To increase number of downloads of your android applications, you must use social networking site as a promotional strategy. There are many ways out there but social networks and media sites are free. 

Promote your application on social medial:

This is one of the more popular choices because it either costs little or it’s entirely free. Sites such as Android Reddit, Facebook, Digg, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and all the others. 

Use any or all at the same time. Go all out if and when you can. The upside is you can gain tons of attention for your app from any one of these sites and it’s really not hard do. 

You also need to include a nice screenshot(s) and all needed links in the posts/ads and you should be all set. The downside is trying to post that much and maintaining all those posts. 

Yes, you’re going to lose if someone comments on any of your posts/ads and no one replies or it goes unnoticed. Make SURE those posts/ads are as clear as possible. Examples: “here’s the download link(s)”, “this is what the app does”, and similar things. It serves as another spot to work keywords/SEO into.

Market your app on Facebook.

The fun part to Facebook is the Facebook Groups. You can make your own and join others. There’re tons of Facebook Groups currently out there that will let anyone freely post/advertise about their app. 

One of the main targets for Facebook Groups is to find “buy n sell” groups. That and groups that are related in some useful manner to your app. 

The typical situation is that both will let any member post advertisements usually without restrictions/limits or cost. The part to remember is to READ THE RULES OF THE GROUP FIRST. 

When you make a Facebook Group for your app, the sky’s the limit. It’s your group, do what you want with it. Things like offering contests or a promotional price if your app is a paid app.

Posting Capabilities of Your App:

This is where your app can really go all over creation while at the same time you had to do little to make it happen. Yes, apps can have the option for a user to post things on sites like Facebook, Twitter and others. 

It’s what the app can post that makes all the difference. This can really make a user happy or really make them mad. A user might be pretty happy about your app letting them have the option to post a picture they took somewhere. Said post can also include a link to your app. 

A user might consider legal actions against you if your app is posting private information about them somewhere. 

Be careful about this. For the most part, games are what take advantage of this the most. Being able to post high scores and/or screenshots of game play are among some of the options.

You can also look at other resources on web, to promote your android app.

Promotion through contests:

The other part is in contests. It’s usually a pretty good way to promote your app. Offer a contest that makes the user post to/share on their Facebook, Twitter, and whatever other accounts they have to be entered into the contest. That’s just one option. 

Hire Help from others:

This one is done quite often. App developers will hire writers and anyone else they can get to write reviews in the App Store, post on blogs, post on social networking sites, and post anywhere else they can think of. Similar to the review writing from friends/family, be sure they make it natural/honest sounding. 

One of the best tricks to this is to look for gaming addicts. You’d be able to identify the REAL gaming addicts in their talk about Facebook games. What you’re looking for is when they can list the games they play on Facebook and prove they do play them. Part one is that it would usually be a pretty big list. 

Part two is that the list has many games that have gift sending in them and Facebook played MMORPGs that allow multiple character creation. The reason is because those people tend to make many Facebook accounts. So if they were advertising for your app(s) on their accounts, your app(s) has/have plenty of potential to go all over creation in a hurry. 

The reason is that when they make many Facebook accounts for gaming, they also tend to add a lot of friends to those accounts also. Complete strangers that just so happen to be playing the same games. That’s how your app gets spread all over creation.


Another very popular choice is creating a video about AND including things in your app(s) and posting it on YouTube. Again, be absolutely sure you followed the main rule or it will be a disaster for you and your app(s) on a planetary scale. Don’t doubt that for one second. 

However, if done properly, YouTube videos can be a serious help to your app(s) on a planetary scale. Exactly the type of thing you want. Make them as clear as you can.