Friday, October 28, 2016

Few ways that Hackers Hack Your Website or Computer

This article is continuing to my earlier post on how do hacker hack the website or computer. Here you go for more detail on few ways that Hackers Hack Your Website or Computer.

Types of attack that hacker or cracker does:

DDOS attack – Distribute denial of service attack
Remote code execution attack
Cross site request forgery attack
Symlinking – an insider attack
Social Engineering attacks
DNS cache poisoning
Clickjacking attacks
Broken Authentication and Session Management attack
Cross site scripting attacks
Injection Attack

DDOS attack:
DDOS stands for Distribute denial of service attack, the cracker uses technique to take control of other's system so its owner can't use it for a while. The cracker control website or some function for their benefit.

Remote code execution attack:
A Remote Code Execution attack can be due to server side or client side security weaknesses. Due to such platform, there could be often attack through scripts, malware, and small command lines that extract information.

Cross site request forgery attack:
A Cross Site Request Forgery Attack usually happen when a user is logged in and a cracker uses the right time to send a forged HTTP request to collect their cookie information. Thus, they target the system and website or other precious info.

Symlinking – an insider attack:
A symlink is a special file that “target” a hard link from a mounted file system. A symlinking attack happens in such a way that the user or application that access the end point assume they’re accessing the right file when they’re really not.

Social Engineering attack:
It is not a hack or crack but it happens when you share personal detail in good faith, such as a credit card number, through common online communication such as chat, email, social media sites, or any website.

DNS cache poisoning attack:
DNS Cache Poisoning can happen from old cache data too which is “toxic”, and you might have forgot old cache which can be used by others to crack / hack the system or target. Its a kind of DNS Spoofing, hackers can identify various act from its history and trouble you.

Clickjacking attack:
It is also called a UI Redress Attack, the cracker uses many layers to trick a user into clicking the top layer without them knowing. The cracker (hacker) let you click the page which is not the actual one but they get success.

Broken Authentication and Session Management attack:
The broken Authentication attack in systems can happen due to weak passwords, weak session IDs, weak key management, and cookies that allow a hacker access to take control if they are valid.

Cross site scripting attack:
It is similar to an XSS attack, it happens when an application, URL “get request” to the web browser and bypassing the validation process. Once an XSS script is triggered, users believe that the page of a website is genuine.

Injection Attack:
It happens when there are flaws in OS (operating system) or main program files itself. The user not known about some files with hidden commands.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

How do Hacker hack the Website or Computers or Passwords?

Before going through with this detail on hacking or ethical hacking or cracking the system or password etc., I would like to inform all of you that there are different types of hacking taking place usually. Some hacking are educational purpose, some hacking are to check the flaws in the system and some of the hacking (precisely crackers) are seriously hurts to others or steal info from others or just for ransom game etc.

Hacking term is wrong one actually and hacking word become popular just because of the media or online sources. There are differences between hacking or ethical hacking vs cracking. Hackers are the system or software technician. Ethical hacking vs Cracker has huge differences, we normally heard hacked the system or password, it is actually done by Crackers and not the Hackers. I will let you know its detail over here.

You might have heard the latter one (Cracker) just, possibly. Hacker is like a Hero (hacker hacking the source just to learn the system's loophole and not to misuse or hurt or make anyone lose) whereas the cracker (villain) hack the system or website just to misuse or steal info or because of monetary fraud etc. There will be a Hero and Villain in this interesting game and without them there won't be a show. Yes, what do they do?

As above said in brief, one does experiment to find out the loophole or flaws in the system or source and the other one is learning and misusing the knowledge to hurt or get ransom etc.

What are the ways Hacker (Cracker) hack your website or computers or password or even smartphone?

You will find the system cracking or password stealing by the crackers detail as below; it is all about hacking and cracking detail in short. Before that, I would like to let you know some villain acts and may be you have heard of, I mean, cracker hacked the online sources once from well-known Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, NBC, ZenDesk, and Drupal etc.

Types or list of hacker or cracker attack

DDOS attack – Distribute denial of service attack
Remote code execution attack
Cross site request forgery attack
Symlinking – an insider attack
Social Engineering attacks
DNS cache poisoning
Clickjacking attacks
Broken Authentication and Session Management attack
Cross site scripting attacks
Injection Attack

They are some of the steps which the cracker uses these techniques based on their different targets. Each above types of hacking or cracking detail will be given in the next post on how cracker crack the website or computer. Time being, you would have learned what is hacking, what is cracking, how to be safer from hacking, how to be safer from cracking etc. I will write more detail about them. So, stay tuned.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Coolpad Note 5 Specs, price and release

Are you looking for information on Coolpad Note 5 smartphone? If so, you can get its detail over here. This is one of the most awaited smartphone releases in India. 

As you are aware, Coolpad has arranged #CoolFansMeetup in Bangalore recently and announced that it will release Coolpad Note 5 within couple of days as it has already sold 25,000 units within 24 hours from its pre-order booking recently.

If you would like to grab one then hurry up or else the second pre-order too for this device may come to an end. There is an offer going on for it from Amazon and Flipkart. You can try it.

Here you go for Coolpad Note 5 Specification, features and price detail.

ROM 32GB (expandable up to 64GB via a microSD card)
Processor: 1.5GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 617
OS: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)
Camera: 13MP Front facing camera, 8MP Rear one
Screen: 5.50-inch touchscreen display / Capacitive Touchscreen
Resolution of 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels
Bluetooth: 4.0
Battery: Li-Ion Capacity(mAh) 4010
Dimension: 75.7 x 8.85 x 152 mm
Weight(grams): 173
Colors: Royal Gold, Space Black

Coolpad Note 5 Price: Rs 10,999/=

Coolpad Note 5 Smartphone review can be found as soon as it is officially release and available for hands-on review, till then stay tuned.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Coolpad CoolFansMeetup in Bangalore India

There was an event from Coolpad for #CoolFansMeetup in Bangalore, India. One of the main purpose for this event is to let all knows that Coolpad has so far sold one million plus units across India that too within a year. Isn’t it achievement for the new brand in this competitive environment? Yes, of course.

Coolpad team would like to thanks their fans in India which is one of the important markets for Coolpad to compete globally. Yes, since they came in the gadget market, they brought some outstanding devices, the devices like Coolpad Note 3, Coolpad Max and on brought some revolution in the Smartphone industries. Yes, this brand chased many old and new brands as left and right and still goes on.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

India Gadget Expo 2016 Bangalore India

After few days of workaholic, I got an opportunity to blog a bit so I would like to take this opportunity to write about a very recent past visit at India Gadget Expo 2016 (#IGE2016) Bangalore, India. This amazing gadget expo started from 14th Oct to 16th Oct 2016. It was a great pleasure to visit there and found lot of Smartphone brands and their stalls all around. India Gadget Expo 2016 is held at KTPO (Karnataka Trade Promotion Organization), ITPL, Whitefield, Bangalore, India.

List of Smartphone brand or companies across India and Globe


Walton Group Kyoto Electronics
Brazil Zonda
Positivo Nepal 
Chaudhary Group
BlackBerry Limited Netherlands 
DataWind Fairphone
John's Phone
China (mainland) Philips

Intex Aqua 5.5 VR and Aqua Craze II smartphone specs, features and price

Intex unveiled two Smartphones today viz. Aqua 5.5 VR and Aqua Craze II at India Gadget Expo, Bangalore #IGE2016If you are looking for those gadgets detail then you may find over here. Yes, The 4G Volte enabled smart phone, Aqua 5.5 VR comes with a big-screen of 5.5 inch HD IPS screen display of 720*1280 resolution which gives it a stunning display. This will enrich 3D content making viewing experience much more immersive. These gadgets released after the recent releases from Intex Cloud Q11 smartphone and Intex Aqua Strong smartphone.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Google Pixel Smartphone specs, price and release detail

Google is one by one coming with new project and devices for its user, after Google Nexus, Google today announced the launch of Pixel, this is the first-ever phone made by Google. 

If you are looking for Google Pixel phone technical specification, features and price detail then check this post. The Pixel smartphone is bringing together the best of Google’s software and world-class hardware and making the Google experience come to life for everyone. The price looks little higher than normal Smartphone.

Google Pixel features:

If you wanted to know more detail about the gadget then find herewith. On the design front, the surfaces have been sculpted and edges rounded to make it easy to grip. 

It won't have any slipping effect or affect. Google has used 2.5D Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4 on the front display and back glass to accent the aerospace grade aluminum body. 

This might help for even better performance. As Google says, they are the biggest competition within, neither they follow other nor let down other competitor. They have their own boundaries. Yes, this is where Google stands. 

However, the phone glass on the back features Pixel Imprint, the fingerprint sensor, which is placed on the back of the phone where your finger expects it. This helps for even more attraction. It even allows you to swipe it to access your notifications. 

The Pixel is powered by a battery that can charge up your phone for up to seven hours in just 15 minutes.

Pixle Pricing and availability in India
This will be one of the best phone across. Yes, however, the starting at INR 57,000, Pixel will be available for pre-order in India starting October 13th 2016 on and at over 1000 plus organized and multi-brand retail stores with leading retail partners including Reliance Digital, Croma and Vijay sales among others. 

If you are willing to grab one then try to get it done immediately. The good news is that, India is among the first six countries where Pixel is being launched.

Pixel will be available in India in two sizes - 5 inch or 5.5 inches and two colors - Quite Black and Very Silver with memory configurations of 32GB and 128GB sizes.  

Interest free EMI programs and attractive upgrade offers will be  available. Pixel users will have access to a toll free phone support number along with 54 walk in service centres across 30+ cities in India.

With the built in Google Assistant in the Pixel, users can have a natural conversation with Google to find answers or get things done on the go.  Say "Ok Google" or touch and hold the Home button and the Assistant is ready to help. Ask it for a brief update on your day or to play a video on YouTube. 

Look up traffic on the way home from work, find photos or when the nearest pharmacy closes. The Assistant can also offer help with what’s on-screen in any app. So if your friend texts you to meet up at a new restaurant, you can just say “navigate there”.

Pixel ships with the newest Android operating system, Android 7.1 Nougat. Pixel Phones will get software and security updates as soon as they’re available, directly from Google.  

The update process too has been made easier. When a new update is available, it can download and install in the background, so users no longer have to wait for the  phone to update.

Pixel’s camera lets you take stunning photos in low light, bright light or any light. In fact, the Pixel camera was recently rated the best smartphone camera anyone has ever made and the DxOMark Mobile score of 89 is a great example of what’s possible when great hardware meets great software.

The Pixel also comes with Google Duo and Allo pre-installed so you can video call and text with all your friends, whether they’re on Android or iOS.

Note: This article will be updates soon, stay tuned.

Tips: If you are looking for various high-end features including low light camera, then go with the best smartphone given here.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Why Tech gadget launching event first conducts in Bangalore, India?

I had attended many Tech gadget launching events in 2015 and this year 2016 as well in Bangalore, India. I had skipped some of them too due to personal busiest reason. I used to surprise one thing is that often the launch of the products or gadgets' event first take place for Bloggers in Bangalore only and the next schedule will be in other cities across. This created some puzzling me in initial days but didn't asked anyone yet.

However, the time has gone as it was and some of the questions like why do first tech gadget launching or releasing events conducting in Bangalore compare to other cities across India? This was one of the questions in my mind for a long time, may be since 2013 and 2014 as I used to attend such event, rare those duration.

Yes, this unasked question’s answer received in the recent few tech events. One of the same minded blogger asked this question to CEO in a particular event.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Google for India 2016 YouTube Go Launch

Google is assisting Indians in every possible way with different features' access across. You can find the best five features from Google to Indians. Yes, Google announced five new products which are multiple India-inspired and India-first products Brand new video app, YouTube Go. This is first one, how about the other fours. Find the list herewith.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus sale in India

Are you looking to acquire one of the finest gadget in India? If so, you can get it done, soon. You just need to wait till 7th October 2016 for that. Yes, Flipkart has announced that it will sell Apple's iPhone 7 or iPhone 7+ smartphone in India through online from 7th Oct 2016 onward. You may pre-order iPhone 7 or 7 Plus from Flipkart or visit

Courtesy: Apple

After so many speculation of iPhone 7 and 7 plus, some rumors on iPhone 7 releasing date and its specification etc. finally these gadgets released in the USA very recently and they are coming to India as well, soon.