Thursday, October 31, 2019

WiFi 6 for 5G from ZCom

ZCom, a Taiwan Tech and Telecom company has introduced few gadgets associated to WiFi 6 feature for future 5G connectivity, at India Mobile Congress 2019 on 14-16 October 2019.

There are few more brands' showcased their WiFi 6 associated products. The brand includes, Huawei, HFCL and ECI etc. Would you like to know more about the WiFi 6 and widely expected 5G features process? If yes, here you go.

There are few more brands' demoed about the 5G connectivity there itself. The brand includes Ericsson India, Qualcomm and Nokia etc. The demo was successful. However, it has to be success when the large numbers' of connectivity uses the 5G feature in short waves, in future with its separate tower.

To get the benefit of the WiFi features, there are few gadgets associated and required for its process and function other than smart devices for connectivity.

Likewise, to get the latest WiFi 6 for 5G when compare to present WiFi version for 4G connectivity associated devices, there has to be more add-on gadgets for WiFi 6 on 5G short waves and higher speed etc. for large number of users and success.

ZCom is trying its best to come up with WiFi 6 feature to match the future requirement.

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How to take a screenshot on iPhone, iPad, and iPod?

Are you searching online to know how to take a screenshot on iPhone, iPad, or iPod? If yes, here is a solution for you. Yes. Please find its detail herewith.

In general, to take the screen shot on your iPhone, you just need to get the photo or video on screen and then press the Side button and the Volume up button at the same time. Quickly release both buttons. A thumbnail of your screenshot appears in the lower-left corner of your iPhone. You can go to the folder of the thumbnail to edit or do whatever changes you are looking for.

How to take a screenshot on iPhone 8 or earlier, iPad, and iPod?

Courtesy: Apple

Press the Top or Side button and the Home button at the same time. Quickly release both buttons.

A thumbnail of your screenshot appears in the lower-left corner of your device. Tap the thumbnail to add drawings and text with Markup, or press and hold the thumbnail to share the screenshot. Swipe left on the thumbnail to dismiss it.

To find the screenshot you just took, along with ones you've taken before, go to Photos > Albums and tap Screenshots.

How to take a screenshot on an iPhone X or iPhone 11 or later?

Press the Side button and the Volume up button at the same time. Quickly release both buttons.

A thumbnail of your screenshot appears in the lower-left corner of your iPhone. Tap the thumbnail to add drawings and text with Markup, or press and hold the thumbnail to share the screenshot. Swipe left on the thumbnail to dismiss it.

How to take a screenshot on an iPad with Face ID?

Press the Top button and the Volume up button at the same time. Quickly release both buttons.

Tap the thumbnail to add drawings and text with Markup, or press and hold the thumbnail to share the screenshot. 

Swipe left on the thumbnail to dismiss it.

On iPads that support Apple Pencil, you can swipe your Apple Pencil from the bottom-corner on either side of your iPad screen to take a screenshot.

Tips: You can simply follow the steps and do edit for the saved screen-shot photo to send / message with text.

MG Motor India's First Digital Studio in Bangalore

MG Motor India has unveiled it's first digital car-less showroom in Bangalore, Karnataka. A showroom where you won't see any car on display. The digital studio is aimed at offering a unique visual-immersive experience to the visitors and fans.

MG Digital studio might be the sharp departure from the traditional automotive showroom. The feature of automobile is here right now. Are you interested to know more about the latest Digital studio from MG Motor India? If yes, here you go.

The new business model would help unlock operational efficiencies, cost cutting, less space and offer more convenience towards digital world.

The first MG Digital Studio offers simple, yet, impactful and interactive product demo of the HECTOR, using digital tools such as 'Immersive Voice', AR (Augmented Reality), associated tools and 'AI based Human Recognition' features.

MG Motor India has joined hands with Mumbai-based Eccentric Engine for 'One 3-D' its Automotive Visualization Platform to provide rich and immersive experience to its customers.

The first digital studio is a Pilot project and showcases our vision toward the future of automotive retail without a car on display, said by Rajeev Chaba, President & Managing Director, MG Motor India.

MG Motor, founded in the UK in 1924, Morris Garages vehicles were world famous for their roadsters, cabriolet series and sports cars.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

MI CC9 Pro (MI Note 10) smartphone is expected to launch soon

Xiaomi is expected to launch the MI CC9 Pro smartphone on November 5, 2019. It is also widely recognized as MI Note 10 phone. The subject phone may sports a 108 megapixel rear camera too.

Earlier, MI CC9, MI CC9e and MI CC9 meitu edition smartphones were released by Xiaomi's sub-brand Meitu. Would you like to know more about the MI CC9 Pro cell phone's detail? If yes, here you go.

MI CC9 Pro is expected to come with Magic green color, 108+32+8 megapixel rear camera, 20 megapixel front shooter and on. The mobile phone's leak and speculations are available across.

This may not be the 5G smartphone though. If you are searching for MI CC9 Pro phone's key features, technical specifications, price, unboxing, hands-on, first impression, comparison detail etc. then you could find few of them over here once it is officially launched.

Until we review the new smartphone, we could say, this may be the best camera phone. Best gameplay phone as well. And most features packed smartphone too. We would cover pros and cons of the new phone soon. So, stay tuned.

Monday, October 28, 2019

UNISOC 5G Processor IVY 510 Makalu platform is coming

There are few well known smartphone's chipset manufacturers across the globe, one of them is Unisoc. The brand is also coming with their 5G processor / SoC for certain brand mobile phones in the near future.

After Qualcomm, Huawei's Kirin, Samsung's Exynos and MediaTek Helio's 5G chipset etc. in the row, Unisoc also in the same line. They showcased their 5G IVY 510 Makalu platform chipset at India Mobile Congress 2019 in Delhi, India, dated 14-16 October 2019.

Unisoc also has few smartphone's manufacturers as client for the chipset, like, ZTE, Intex, Ericson, Nokia and other local brands in few different countries.

If you are interested to know more detail about the 5G SoC / Processor from Unisoc then you could find few of them over here, very soon.

We would cover 5G chipset features and other detail for you.

So stay tuned for more updates on 5G chipset and latest technology development.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Detel India gadgets at India Mobile Congress 2019

Detel India, one of the leading Electronic gadgets manufacturer showcased their various latest products at India Mobile Congress 2019, Delhi, on 14-16th October 2019. IMC 2019 brought so many brands in one roof with the latest technology and products. This is one of the brand therein.

Detel India manufactures and sells LED TV, Mobile phones, Bluetooth gadgets including Speakers, Ear or Head phones etc. Electronic gadgets are everywhere.

Are you interested to know more about Detel's latest gadgets displayed on IMC 2019? If yes, here you go. We were presented in their booth at the expo and found few latest devices which we shown on the below photo.

Considering their different products, we realized that Detel has stored cheap and best products on the shelf. It is very competitive too.

We got to see some of those products from the brand including cheapest basic Mobile phone, wide ranges of Bluetooth speakers, Wireless Bluetooth earphones and other accessories.

Other than this, Detel has more products in the list and you may visit their official website for their detail and offers.

Rakshak Security device: Features and price

An Indian Startup has manufactured a product called Rakshak (Security) that comes with potential security and privacy features. This is little different product compare to other security products. The brand has showcased their product at India Mobile Congress 2019, Delhi, India on 14-16 October 2019.

The specialty of the Rakshak (or Security) product is nothing but it has 'no camera' (for privacy matters), yes, you heard it right, 'No camera'. And the device can be kept anywhere in the room or wherever you want within the home or office location or even at room for security purpose.

The Rakshak device will capture the data or voice 24 hours and it will last a week with the battery. It won't have camera but it will have SIM card for additional secure features.

The unusual activity or scream or alarm sound etc. can be immediately deduct and report sooner to its owner for security measures.

You can fix or keep the device anywhere at home or office and get the alert from it when some unusual activity happens.

There are couple of benefits here. Yes, there is no privacy issue since it has no camera but it can let you know the issue immediately in case if suspect activity around.

You can visit their website for more detail about the secure product.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Huawei Smart Entrance for Airport / Terminal

Huawei has showcased some of the latest and upcoming products at IMC 2019, Delhi, India, on 14th to 16th October 2019. Would you like to know about them? If yes, here you go.

Other than Smartwatches, Smartphones, and other smart gadgets from Huawei, the brand has shown the 'Smart Entrance' product too in its booth. This is the future product that would be required across the nation. 

The Smart Entrance from Huawei would help the Airport / Terminal's administration to ease the individual scan, identification, documentation, access and secure to enter the airport to catch the flight in a fast phase by saving time.

The device will start to scan the passenger by Airport's system and algorithm once stepped in near the Smart Entrance, it will scan to collect the travel credential of the passenger, if everything is matches then the passenger would get the access or else access denied.

This system has already existed in few other countries including China. The Smart Entrance is expected to arrive in other country as well, slowly. The entrance will specially work in better net connectivity atmosphere or the system and process will be smooth when 5G connectivity around.

Stay tuned for more updates on this.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Moto G8 Plus smartphone: Features, specifications and price

Motorola has launched Moto G8 Plus smartphone in India, today (dated, October 24, 2019) with the price at INR 13,999. The phone comes with 48 megapixel camera and 4000mAh battery beside other potential features.

Are you eager to know more detail about the Moto G8 Plus mobile phone? If yes, here you go for it. The brand has recently released Motorola One Macro, Moto E6s and Motorola One Action cell phones etc.

If you are searching for Moto G8 Plus phone's key features, technical specifications, price, unboxing, hands-on, first impression and comparison detail etc. then you could find few of them over here.

Moto G8 Plus smartphone features:

The phone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor and paired with 4GB of RAM. The internal storage of the deviceis 64GB. The gadget runs on Android Pie operating system.

With regards to its camera, the phone comes with triple rear camera with 48+16+5 megapixel and 25 megapixel front shooter. The display size of the mobile phone is 6.30 inch FHD+. You can check rest of the specs, features and price detail below.

Moto G8 Plus specifications:

Processor: Qualcomm SD 665
OS: Android Pie
Display: 6.30-inch FHD+
Camera :25MP front, 48+16+5MP rear
Battery: 4000mAh

Moto G8 Plus price: INR 13,999.

Until we review the new smartphone, we could say, this may be the best gameplay phone. Best camera phone. And most features packed smartphone too. We would cover pros and cons of the new phone soon.

Moto G8 Play smartphone also in the news. We would update about it soon.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Intel Python Hackfury2 contest winners - How good they got it?

There was a Hackathon (Intel Python Hackfury2) contest from Intel India for the eligible team or candidates on a particular AI projects and it was more related to Healthcare, Education and Disaster Management etc. There were few thousand entries came in. Yes. Among them, there were different phases to eliminate and finalize the team for the final stage. 

In the final stage, on 21st October 2019, there were sixteen teams for Intel Python Hackfury2 contest been shortlisted. How did they got it there? The question is solved now. They have chased the other teams on the way by showing their potential talent on AI subject. But, how the winner and runner has been selected out of sixteen team? This is very important.

It is not an easy to win the game by the young chap and at the same time it is not impossible to win as well. In sixteen team,  the selected for final to do is, each team has to demonstrate their AI products on the stage, followed by Jury's question and answer beside other participant's feedback form and their rating inclusiveness to finalize it.

In Jury team, there were different company's (Shell, TCS, Salesforce, AWS etc.) head participated other than Intel for Intel Hackfury2.

Out of sixteen team, most of them shown their AI product including Agriculture and Transport sectors. Few of them lacked upon Jury's question where they failed to be in top two or one position despite incredible products found out there. Those who gave perfect answer to Jury's query after their convincing demo got the heavy weightage beside their AI products necessity for the world too.

What are those AI products? The team who won the second prize demoed about the healthcare products, like protein, types and identification for finding disease and AI solution for it. Isn't it breakthrough? They got it second prize.

The first prize winner is a Team Elixir, a step ahead in answering all the questions from Jury beside their convincing demonstration on the stage. Their product was all about the health and fitness gadgets. Their demo, answers and unique AI solution made them strong contender for the subject award.

Hope this article would help you to observe the point, participate in such contest and win it. 

Please note that, Intel's first HackFury1 was conducted in Pune, India.

Tips: In short, if you are ready to participate in such a contest then you need to present the product well including fun and casual method beside answering well without fail to Jury's each questions or cross questions.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

What is Qualcomm's NavIC features?

Qualcomm has showcased the NavIC feature in India Mobile Congress 2019, on 14-16 October 2019. Would you like to know what is Qualcomm Snapdragon NavIC feature? How it will help the end users? If you have such a question and interested to know more about it then please read the article to know it's brief.

Qualcomm has joined hand with ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) for NavIC feature that would help the end users to track the exact location of the mobile users. 

This is India's own navigation system from ISRO's satellite to track the location accurate whether it will be on the main way or the nook and corner etc.

The feature will come in the upcoming SoC from Qualcomm that will be used by the smartphone manufacturers. 

These chipsets would come in the upcoming smartphone late 2019 or early 2020, most probably. This (NavIC) is a new feature and so far you won't find it in any latest mobile phones across.

The feature will enhance geo-location, IoT and AI etc. that would help the users. It is like a Desi GPS. Are you interested to know more about NavIC feature? If yes, stay tuned for more updates, soon.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Stellar Fibre from STL - Industry's First Universal Fibre, at IMC 2019

India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2019, Aerocity, Delhi, brought so many technology innovation stuff to the world on 14-16 October 2019. One of them is, STL's Stellar Fibre. The company has launched world’s most advanced fibre called “Stellar Fibre” that will make 5G happen and will power the next-gen ultra-high definition future. 

The revolutionary product will help increase network life by 10 years. The unique Bend Insensitive Fibre ensures minimal optical loss and assured first-time right installation.

A global data networks innovator, launched Stellar Fibre at India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2019, in the presence of Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Union Minister of IT and Communications. Stellar Fibre is a path-breaking solution that will power the next-gen ultra-high definition future. 

The leading edge innovation from STL’s optical design solutions guarantees best-in-class data transfer, negligible data loss even with high fibre bends, and compatibility with all fibres in use today. 

Stellar Fibre is one of a kind in the current industry to have a bend insensitive (ITU-T G.657.A2) fibre design that has a mode field diameter (MFD) of the size of a legacy ITU-T G.652.D fibre. 

This feature enables service compatibility with existing networks which are provisioned with the legacy fibre, while bringing in the next-gen advantages of macro bend insensitivity. 

This makes Stellar Fibre an ideal choice for an existing network’s capacity enhancement or new network provisioning for Metro and Long Haul or Fibre to the X (FTTx) application. 

Stellar’s unique geometry ensures minimal splice loss and first-time right installation. This makes the fibre to be an installer’s delight. Simulations at STL’s Centre of Excellence suggest 10+ years increase in network lifetime on using the new bend insensitive fibre. 

It’s resilience to cuts and accidental bends brings down the network operations cost by a significant amount, making it the fibre of choice for network operators world-over.

Jio and Samsung Showcase 5G and LTE Use Cases at IMC 2019

Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited (Jio) and Samsung Electronics present real-world use cases powered by next generation technology at the India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2019. 

IMC is the largest annual event for digital technology across India and South Asia, being held from 14 to 16 October in New Delhi, India. The Companies will continue their innovation to benefit consumers, enterprises and the society with 4G and 5G connectivity.

In partnership with Samsung Networks, Jio has built the world’s largest green-field and all IP based 4G LTE network, which supports over 340 million LTE subscribers as of August 2019.

At the event, the two companies present new business opportunities using 5G NSA mode, with advanced 4G LTE and 5G technology used in combination as a dual-connected mode network. These will demonstrate how innovations from the latest technology can benefit consumers, enterprises and the society.

5G Use Cases for Digital India:

Samsung and Jio jointly highlight immersive and live applications of 5G that will demonstrate the value that 5G has to offer in India. 

The trial will feature solutions from Samsung Networks’ 5G product portfolio, including its 3.5GHz solution for 5G Massive MIMO Unit (MMU), its 28GHz Access Unit (AU) and CPE device, its virtualized radio access (vRAN) and core, and 5G mobile devices. Demonstrations will include:

• Virtual Classroom allows attendees to watch 360-degree virtual lecture taken from a classroom in Jio’s Reliance Corporate Park (RCP) in Mumbai.

• Massive Full High-Definition (HD) Content Streaming shows FHD video streaming on multiple smartphones (Galaxy S10 5G) simultaneously and 4K video streaming using multiple 5G tablets, which will showcase the unparalleled entertainment experience powered by 5G.

4G Use Cases for Public Safety Communications:

The two companies demonstrate live at the event a “public safety network over LTE” featuring Mission-Critical-Push-To-X (MCPTX) communication. Conceptualised as “OneNet”, a potential India’s Emergency Communication Network, this will enable first responders to connect with each other using a broadband network in a controlled and “geo-fenced” manner.

MediaTek' latest Smart Technology Solutions at India Mobile Congress 2019

There are so many brands showcased their wide range of products / gadgets in India Mobile Congress 2019, dated 14-16 October 2019. Well known MediaTek chipset company also displayed their wide range of products at their booth in IMC, Aerocity, Delhi.

MediaTek showcases its latest Smart Technology Solutions at India Mobile Congress 2019. MediaTek, a market leader in developing innovative SoCs for mobile devices, home entertainment, connectivity and IoT products showcased an array of Smartphone and Smart Home technologies at the India Mobile Congress 2019 (IMC).

• The first smartphone powered by MediaTek Helio G90T with HyperEngine Game Technology - Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro was showcased.

• Smart Home Solutions debut at the MediaTek pavilion: The detail is below

OnePlus TV Q1 & Q1 Pro powered by MT5670: With its powerful quad-core, MT5670 is an ideal Smart TV platform for brands who are looking to create incredible 4K UltraHD Smart TVs with new AI-enhanced capabilities which can analyze the live-stream or video for facial and scene recognition. Automatically fine-tune a wealth of picture quality settings to provide authentic studio-quality visuals.

Motorola Official Android 9.0 Smart TV powered by MT5660: The newly launched TV by Motorola is powered by MediaTek MT5660 with Cortex A53 Quad-Core clocked at 1.0GHz and Mali 450 clocked at 490MHz.

Smart Camera Doorway Lock with Face Recognition powered by MediaTek i500: i500 (MT8385) is a powerful yet efficient AIoT platform designed for portable, home or commercial IoT applications, connected touchscreen displays and multitasking OS. i500 is a quad-core Arm Cortex-A73 processor equipped with a NEON engine featuring a large 1MB L2 cache and with operating frequencies up to 2GHz.

Microsoft Azure - MediaTek Partner Promotion: MediaTek and Microsoft collaborated to deliver the first-ever Azure Sphere chip, the MT3620 will drive IoT innovation with built-in security and connectivity. Azure Sphere is a solution for creating highly-secured, connected MCU powered devices at a price that makes enterprise-class security affordable for the multitude of cloud-connected devices.

Yi Dome Camera Powered by MT7601U: The MT7601U is designed to support standards-based features in the areas of security, quality of service and international regulations. MediaTek MT7601U is a highly integrated Wi-Fi single chip that's fully compliant with 802.11b/g/n standards (150Mbit/s PHY).

MediaTek’s MT8173 enabling the Amazon Fire TV Stick: MT8173, a 64-bit quad-core processor and the world’s first multimedia SoC with ARM’s Cortex-A72 cores. The MT8173 meets the growing demand for 4K UltraHD content and graphic-heavy gaming. 

MT7682 connecting Broadlink Smart Bulb Socket: The MT7682 is highly integrated single-chip solutions featuring an application processor, a low-power 1T1R 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi subsystem and a Power Management Unit.

Genexis Wi-Fi Router powered by MediaTek Econet EN7526G: EN7526G is a highly integrated Wi-Fi single chip GPON ONT router. The EN7526G is designed to support standard features in the areas of security, quality of service and international regulations. Another Wi-Fi Router with MediaTek Econet EN7528 with dual-band, dual concurrent, and GPON ONT router is also on display. 

MediaTek Smart Solutions for Daily Life:

Product diversification with Kent CamEye powered by MT6739: The MT6739 chipset in Kent CamEye is a highly efficient 64-bit quad-core, ARM Cortex-A53 CPU that operates up to 1.5GHz. It also delivers key imaging features like picture noise reduction, speedy autofocus and focus accuracy technologies.

Paytm SoundBox powered by MT6261: MediaTek MT6261 SoC, which is made especially for IoT devices is also powering the Paytm SoundBox. Paytm SoundBox is a unique internet-enabled, low-cost payment confirmation device with a built-in speaker, capable of playing pre-configured payment confirmation messages.

Smartphone Solutions at the MediaTek pavilion:

MediaTek's 5G Demo: At IMC 2019, MediaTek showcased the HPUE (High Power User Equipment) and Dynamic Bandwidth Switching - Performance Evaluation of its latest 5G technologies.

PUBG Gaming Experience Zone with MediaTek Helio G90T:

Experience the HyperEngine Game Technology of MediaTek Helio G90T at the PUBG Gaming Zone: MediaTek HyperEngine gaming technology is an array of technologies aimed to boost the mobile gaming experience through eye-popping image quality, the smoothest moves in any online world, and the fastest, most reliable network connections. 

MediaTek’s Helio G90T combines the latest Arm Cortex-A76 & Cortex-A55 CPUs in an octa-core combination. With a large L3 cache and speeds of up to 2.05GHz, it noticeably boosts speeds in demanding games like PUBG.

MediaTek’s MT8167S bring life to Baidu - Smart Display: MediaTek MT8176, an upper mainstream ARM SoC, is primarily used for smart screens and Android-based tablets. It has two fast Cortex-A72 CPU cores running at up to 2.1 GHz, four Cortex-A53 cores for power-saving and it includes a video decoder with 4K and H.265 support as well.

MediaTek Helio Smartphone Zone:

MediaTek showcased the latest smartphones powered by its Helio series.

At the MediaTek Helio Smartphone Zone, visitors experienced the unparalleled performance of Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 8 

Pro powered by MediaTek’s latest gaming chipset- MediaTek Helio G90T. To know more about the chipset, visit

In addition, OPPO’s Reno 2z was also showcased in the MediaTek Helio Smartphone Zone. The smartphone is powered by the recently launched MediaTek Helio P90 SoC which is being applauded by the experts for its gaming and camera abilities along with flawless performance. 

Other products which were showcased in the MHSZ (MediaTek Helio Smartphone Zone) were OPPO F11 Pro, Realme 3 and Motorola One Macro embracing one of MediaTek’s most successful chipsets, MediaTek Helio P70. 

MediaTek Helio P65 powered Vivo S1, OPPO A5s powered by MediaTek Helio P35 along with Vivo Y12, Motorola E6s and the LG W10 and LG W30 powered by MediaTek Helio P22 were also showcased in the Smartphone Zone.

Panasonic’s Sanyo - Kaizen TV: Features, specifications and price

Panasonic’s Sanyo - Kaizen TV Series powered by Android TV has come to the market.

Are you a TV lover? Here is a good news for you. Panasonic’s online brand Sanyo launches new large screen models under its Kaizen TV Series powered by Android TV.

Sanyo TV Highlights:

  • Runs latest Android Pie 9.0, with Google Assistant remote with mic for voice search.
  • With in-built Chromecast to cast your favourite mobile content.
  • Available in the screen size of 49 inch, 55 inch and 65 inch.

Panasonic’s online brand SANYO has launched three new models in its celebrated Google-certified Android Television range. Available in the screen sizes of 49”, 55” and 65”, the models are introduced under Sanyo's Kaizen series. 

Panasonic’s Sanyo - Kaizen TV features:

The new Sanyo 4K TV range is equipped with a powerful Quad-Core processor and runs the latest Android Pie 9.0 that offers seamless casting, intelligent voice search and a world of unlimited apps. 

Marking the festive celebrations, the new TV range will be available on from 20th October 2019, at a special price starting from 29,999.

The new Android TVs by Sanyo extend a superior viewing experience with its large display screens, along with Google’s user-friendly and dynamic interface. 

With a host of must-have features, the new range stands out with its IPS Superbright LED Display, Dolby Vision, Dolby Audio, DTS TruSurround, revolutionary Bezel-less design and flame retardant VO material. 

The subject TV features a built-in Chromecast for content casting so that viewers can easily mirror their favourite movies, shows, and photos directly from their mobile device to their Sanyo Android TVs. 

The new range integrates official Netflix app and voice search capabilities of the remote of the Kaizen series that allows customers to simply ask their TV for the latest blockbuster, check match scores or even dim the lights. 

Panasonic’s Sanyo - Kaizen TV Series price:

Tips: Best TV with high-end features to go with.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Smart Tower from Qogno - Make in India

Are you interested to know about the Smart Tower from Qogno brand? If yes, you can find its brief over here.

Qogno has introduced couple of Smart Towers in IMC (India Mobile Congress) 2019, Aerocity, Delhi, on 14-16 October 2019.

The brand has showcased Smart Towers and their features to its visitors. At IMC, the Qognos showcased its offerings from self-check-in kiosks, smart bus bays, to digital villages and Farmer One-Stop Shop (FOSS).

The Smart Tower can be customized for multiple usage and it can be used for different smart banner, smart (security) camera, signal, network tower and even Drone and on.

The tower can be fixed in one main area or commercial area where it can be fixed with multiple client's ads or gadgets. Also, it has a single display at the bottom where one can access and use it for various listed services when no network or no phone or in case of emergency etc.

Qogno Smart Tower has lot of pattern to use for different features. If you are planning for Smart Industry or Smart City or Smart Village then this is one more option to add in the list.

You can keep in touch with Qogno for your requirement accordingly.

Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 8 Pro smartphones: Features, specifications and price

Xiaomi's sub-brand Redmi has launched Redmi Note 8 series in India on October 16, 2019. The phone was earlier introduced in China as well. The brand has considered the local and global competition of the smartphones thus it has usually come down with its usual price for the subject device compare to past few years or Redmi Note 5 series etc.

Redmi is also expected to launch Note 8S like Redmi Note 7S. The brand is also expected to come up with Redmi K30 series smartphones like its successor Redmi K20 series. Redmi has recently released budget smartphones like, Redmi 8A and Redmi 8 mobile phones. Thus, and in general, most of them expected the Redmi Note 8 series soon after.

If you are searching for Redmi Note 8 series phone's key features, technical specifications, price, unboxing, hands-on, first impression, comparison detail etc. then you could find few of them over here.

Redmi Note 8 specs and features:

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 665
OS: Android Pie
RAM: 4GB, 6GB variant
ROM: 64GB, 128GB
Display: 6.3", Corning Gorilla 5, FHD
Camera: 48+8+2+2MP quad rear cam, 13MP selfie 
Battery: 4000mAh, 18W fast charger, Type-C, IR Blaster

Redmi Note 8  Pro specs and features:

Processor: MediaTek Helio G90T
GPU: Mali G76 Quad core, up to 800MHz clock speed
OS: Android Pie
ROM: 64GB, 128GB
Display: 6.53", Corning Gorilla 5, IP52, P2i Nano.
Camera: 64+8+2+2 rear, 20MP front
Battery: 4500mAh
SIM: 2+1 slot

Redmi Note 8 Price: INR 9,999 (4GB+ 64GB), INR 12,999 (6+128GB)

Redmi Note 8 Pro Price: INR 14,999 (6GB + 64GB), INR 15,999 (6+128GB), INR 17,999 (8+128GB).

Until we review the new smartphones, we could say, this may be the best camera phones. Best gameplay phone as well. And most features packed smartphone too. We would cover pros and cons of the new phone soon. So, stay tuned.

Tips: Best phone to blindly buy them.