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WiFi 6 for 5G from ZCom

ZCom, a Taiwan Tech and Telecom company has introduced few gadgets associated to WiFi 6 feature for future 5G connectivity, at India Mobile Congress 2019 on 14-16 October 2019.

There are few more brands' showcased their WiFi 6 associated products. The brand includes, Huawei, HFCL and ECI etc. Would you like to know more about the WiFi 6 and widely expected 5G features process? If yes, here you go.

There are few more brands' demoed about the 5G connectivity there itself. The brand includes Ericsson India, Qualcomm and Nokia etc. The demo was successful. However, it has to be success when the large numbers' of connectivity uses the 5G feature in short waves, in future with its separate tower.

To get the benefit of the WiFi features, there are few gadgets associated and required for its process and function other than smart devices for connectivity.

Likewise, to get the latest WiFi 6 for 5G when compare to present WiFi version for 4G connectivity associated devices, there has to be more add-on gadgets for WiFi 6 on 5G short waves and higher speed etc. for large number of users and success.

ZCom is trying its best to come up with WiFi 6 feature to match the future requirement.

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