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5G Technology specific requirement

What is 5G technology? How they execute it? Please read this article for brief on 5th Generation Technology and its outcome.

There are few smartphones and smart devices launched recently saying 5G features. Hopefully they did their part as best in the industry but unfortunately their devices' specifications or related radio frequencies / waves not met the overall specification requirements of 5G technology. 

This is just an initial stage as well, so, there could be some up's and down's while researching on it. No doubt, great challenges for network service providers and device manufacturers together.

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Speed, higher data rate, far better than 4G or 4.5G networks / connectivity, latency, 1k plus bandwidth, huge connected devices, max availability, top coverage, less network energy consumption and the best battery life for IoT gadgets are the general requirement of 5G.

Hope you understand what is 5G connectivity means a bit right now. Yes, 5G technology and connectivity comes with more than five features and specifications' requirements. All have to be met in order to accept the world as 5G connectivity. It won't be accepted by the technology world in case if any thinng missed among them.

What are the specific requirement needed for 5G technology?

5G technology is driven by some specification requirements to acknowledge it. We got the expert views on this as well from different sources. Thanks / Courtesy to all sources. To begin with 5G technology, please find some specific requirement as follows.

Up to 10Gbps data rate. 

10 to 100x improvement over 4G and 4.5G networks

1-millisecond latency.

1000x bandwidth per unit area.

Up to 100x number of connected devices per unit area (compared with 4G LTE).

99.999% availability.

100% coverage almost everywhere.

90% reduction in network energy usage.

Up to 10-year battery life for low power IoT devices. 

They are after establishing the 5G. How about its prior (behind the scene) requirement. Please find them below.

Spectrum licensing and huge cost.

Network hardware matches.

Product design accordingly.

Research costs is high.

Challenges for network / service providers.

Challenges for device manufacturers.

Radio frequencies / waves.

New cell stations establishment.

5G radio waves have a shorter range than 4G radio waves.

Device hardware matching 5G radio and antennas.

5G signal on every single frequency including earlier one.

Research on 5G radio affects heat, battery life, processor performance, etc.

Hope these info helped you on 5G technology and possibly we may get 5G connectivity soon once they struggle and execute for customers like us.