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What's Digitek Flash Bot? Features and price

Digitek, a market leader in Photographic and smartphone accessories in India launched (on April 9, 2019) Flash Bot – a true Flash Photography companion for budding and professional photographers. Would you like to know more about it? If yes, read this article for indepth info.

The Flash Bot kit (Model No. DFB-001) is a remarkable package of various quintessential attachments for flash photography enthusiasts using flash guns of any available type, the kit includes Grip, Gel, Grid, Sphere, Bounce and different colored Creative gels. 

The kit delivers an awesome experience for the photography enthusiasts and takes away the hassle of carrying redundant flash kits. The easy to carry kit with instant universal fit, modular strong and sleek design comes in a box size of 14.5x13x18 cm.

Digitek Flash Bot detail:

Grip – The magnetic harnesses are a quicker and stronger attachment method for Speedlite Flash Modifiers which will take away the pain of Velcro, sticky adhesives and bulky straps forever.

Gel Mount – The ultimate polycarbonate gel mount for hot shoe flashes to gain softer lighting condition and it allows to change the creative light gels quickly.

Grid – Made of Silicon rubber, the grid helps to optimize the beam pattern at 40 degrees with a minimum light spill thus, providing consistent lighting coverage for photographers to click clearer photographs.

Sphere – The omni directional flash diffuser with an in-built gel slot allows to change the color of flash for awesome effects. As it also increases the size of light emitting surface by over 250% providing softer glow thus, saves battery.

Bounce – The white silicon textured based modifier allows the light to be diffused marginally without impacting the output. Thus, it become a handy tool for enthusiasts for a calculated output with the softest light.

Creative Polycarbonate Gels – The multicolored gel package give photographers the freedom to experiment with different colors or a mix of colors to get the desired output. The gels come in 8 different colors like Red, Yellow, Orange, Magenta, Teal, Green, Blue and Purple. Thus, making the color output to infinite.

Flash Bot kit price: INR 9995.

The Flash Bot kit is affordably priced at an MRP of INR 9995 and is available at All leading Photographic Stores and E-Commerce Portals such as Amazon & Flipkart.