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Asus TUF gaming motherboard: Features and price

Asus has introduced different types of gaming motherboards and one of them is TUF motherboard for the topmost gameplay performance result. It is a complete battle ready inside and out.

Asus has improved the MB that you could find effective cooling that helps maintain peak clocks when you’re loading up Coffee Lake’s extra CPU cores and hitting your GPU with gaming, streaming, and other multitasking.

Are you interested to know more about the Asus TUF gaming motherboard's features and price etc. If yes, please read this article for some more detail about it.

Asus TUF gaming motherboard features:

TUF Gaming goes beyond a military motif for a new breed of affordable gaming motherboards. The brand boast about the up to date technical and high-class gameplay experience and result.

The graphics card slot is also reinforced with SafeSlot’s metal walls, The TUF H370-Pro Gaming and TUF B360-Pro Gaming put slightly different spins on the same foundation. As per this, there are two types of Both boards have introduced by the Asus. They are plentiful storage via dual M.2 slots, including one that supports longer 110-mm drives in the gadget

There are Wi-Fi editions of both models, each one based on the same Intel hardware as its Strix Mini-ITX cousins. As far as gameplay concern, the board would help, aerial lifts you above the game world for MOBA, strategy, and sports titles with airborne perspectives; Soundscape puts you in the center for MMOs, RPGs, and action-oriented gameplay; and Tactical makes it easier to detect your enemies in first-person shooters and stealthy sneakers.

Until we review it, we could say, this may be the best gameplay motherboard for the system. And most features packed peripherals too. We would cover pros and cons of the gadget soon. 

Asus TUF H370 gaming motherboard price: Approx INR 12444 (per Amazon).

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