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How to set Dark theme in Windows 10 OS

Would you like to know how to set the dark theme in Microsoft Windows 10 operating system? If yes, please read this article for the simple guideline and setting steps given. 
This is for the dark theme enabling, you may see the changes on your computer and possibly it would help the performance and cooling atmosphere.

In general and by default, the Windows 10 OS will come with 'Light' theme. Though it helps most of the time but sometime we need it dark theme as well based on cooling surrounding and work requirement. 

So, Microsoft has given this option as well so that you can change the Windows 10 operating system from Light theme to Dark theme for the user convenient on the software work.
Here is the setting of Windows 10 Dark theme:

Go to Settings > Personalization > Colors, scroll to the bottom of the page and change the default app mode from 'Light' to 'Dark'. You can change it vice-versa later.

There will be some differences on Windows 10 old and the latest version for this setting. To check it out, go to Settings > System > About. It will give you the latest update of your system. You can proceed accordingly.
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