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Honeywell entry into audio industry - ProZeta, ProAlpha and ProZoe

Honeywell (NYSE: HON), a global leader in connected building technology, announces its entry into the professional audio industry with a range of speakers – Honeywell ProSound. Are you interested to know more about it? If yes, please read this article about it.

Honeywell ProSound speakers will enable the company to offer solutions to new verticals like hotels, malls, multiplexes, amphitheaters, clubs, educational institutions, and auditoriums.

Honeywell becomes a complete audio solutions provider with an attractive combination of products, meeting internationally recognized industry standards that ensures superior sound, appealing design, high reliability, and excellent performance.

The Honeywell ProSound range will be available in three series: ProZeta, ProAlpha and ProZoe.

1. The ProZeta series provides clear audio in easy-to-transport and set-up models, suitable for DJs and travelling musicians.

2. The ProAlpha range offers a series of high-definition speakers ideal for clubs and high SPL (sound pressure level) venues, with high-quality amplification.

3. The ProZoe series features unparalleled sound quality with premium active line array technology. Available 

in versatile cabinets designed to suit indoor or outdoor requirements, the ProZoe range comes with a 32-bit DSP processor and a software to maximize the built-in DSP engine.

Hope the above info helped you to associate with Honeywell for your business requirement.