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Honeywell becoming a premier Software-Industrial leader

There was an event for Bloggers and Media at Honeywell India and addressing by its higher management on its developing World-class technologies in India, for India, and the rest of the World. 

Honeywell transforming the way people live, travel, and work daily via connected technology offerings.

Honeywell Technology Solutions (HTS) top technologies developed in Bengaluru, for India, and for the World.

Honeywell connected Freight:

Honeywell connected Freight, helping reduce losses and waste. The solution consists of cost-effective sensor tags that sense a range of environmental conditions, such as temperature or vibration.

Honeywell Smart-City technologies:

Making cities smarter, safer and productive. It is already playing a defining role in the growth of India's 100 Smart-cities. 

Honeywell is strategic partners with state Governments and local authorities to implement IoT (Internet of Things) enabled citywide security surveillance systems, the installation of 10K closed-circuit television (CCTV), emergency response solutions, automatic number plate reading system (ANPR) and intelligent traffic management technologies in 65 cities and towns viz. Bhubaneswar Smart City initiative, Aurangabad City Surveillance Project, MP 11-city Wide Surveillance and Rajkot Smart city and Surveillance initiative.

Honeywell connected Plant: 

It is combines unmatched industrial expertise, software and cloud technologies to make its customers' operations more reliable, profitable and secure than ever before possible. Their key technologies are, Honeywell Trace and Terminal Manager, process and system.

Honeywell connected Aircraft:

It is to making travel safer, smarter and efficient. Honeywell has taken a lead in delivering a high-speed Wi-Fi era in the skies with depth of technologies.

Key technologies: Advanced technology solutions like voice assistants for Pilots, AR displays and 3D printed components in Cockpits for air-travel safer, efficient for pilots and passengers. And more like, Honeywell SmartView and a new 3D printed frontier.