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IoT India Confex 2017

IoT enabled solutions everywhere. Would you like to know the latest updates on IoT (Internet of Things)? If yes, kindly find the detail over here. India’s most comprehensive IoT Conference Confex was held in Bengaluru on 24th and 25th Aug 2017 at Le Meridien Hotel. The event was organized by Aayera, which was supported by Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India.

Don't you know what is IoT? If yes, it's full form is all about the "Internet of Things". The IoT could be any related things that involve internet association. Yes, it could be a smartphone, apps, technology's different innovation and its related devices, smart home and its associated gadgets, Telecom and on.

Now coming back to the IoT Confex event detail. The two-day IoT conference in Bangalore brought together many including Thought leaders, IoT solution seekers, IoT solution providers, State IT Secretaries, Start-ups, Government officials, Media and investors from across the globe.

IoT India Confex focused on various industries like Industrial IoT, Smart cities, LPWAN connectivity, Wearables & VR, Healthcare IoT, Connected and autonomous vehicles, Enterprise IoT, Blockchain, IoT Architecture, Manufacturing & Supply, IoT Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Sports & entertainment, IoT security and agriculture.

Each head shared their valuable knowledge to enrich the connectivity and business on IoT. Mr. Vikram Kumar, MD of UK based Let’sTrack, a real time tracking app stated “LetsTrack (app) is reshaping and reorienting utility of Internet and technology (IOT) to the next level. 

The Conferences like IoT India Confex provides a valuable backdrop for key stakeholders in the IoT eco system to discuss significant developments in the industry landscape. It was a great opportunity to exchange ideas on some of the most disruptive IoT solutions”.

IoT has done revolution in just few years and it will go for some more decades unless otherwise an advanced and different pattern comes anytime sooner or later. The expert shared the detail on different set of module on how each organization uses their IoT and its enabled solution to achieve the business goal on different IoT gadgets.

The IoT also helped to analyze various things like Market, Requirement, Services, Statistics and on. They also discussed about the Automotive, Connectivity, Driving skill for latest development on driver-less car, preferences, collecting the data, cloud system, processors, manufacturer able to identify the customers, various metrics for quality, products, numbers, data and on.

The Key Spekers in IoT India Confex 2017 were as below;
VS Shridhar, Senior Vice President for Tata Communications
Damodar Sahu, Consultant partner & Head, IoT for Wipro Limited
Santosh Kumar, CTO, L&T Technologies
Ravinder Pal Singh Director–Strategic & Mega Projects, DELL Technologies
Sandip Datta – IoT Country Head
IBM Watson for IBM India Pvt Ltd
Vikram Kumar, Managing Director, Let’sTrack
Ramesh Verma, President for VR/AR Association.

The following were the highlights of the Confex event:

·      Connectivity IoT: Partnerships and collaboration to maximize LPWAN (Low power wide area network) success. Looking beyond the technology to understand what will make LPWAN successful 
·      Industrial IoT: future of internet of manufacturing, Generating the new ecosystem for Industries 4.0 – Enabling horizontal cross company value chains by new partnerships and business models
·      Healthcare IoT: patient monitoring today and the role of artificial intelligence in future
·      Automotive IoT: what IoT solutions should automotive OEM’s need to implement for sophisticated connected vehicles
·      Smart home: the role of retailers and advertisers – accelerating smart home product sales including lighting, television and washing machine etc.
·      Wearables, AR & VR: the future of motion sensing in IoT 
·      Energy & Utilities: Internet of Things in energy & utilities 

Panel discussions:

·      LoRa connectivity: Creating game-changing opportunity with LPWAN
·      Joining forces: building an open, collaborative & secure ecosystem to deliver true IoT success
·      Emerging IoT solutions for patient monitoring, prevention and mobile health
·      The rise of industrial IoT – the next industrial revolution 
·      Smart cities: creating smarter cities – future trends and best practices 
·      From fantasy to reality: successfully launching connected/autonomous vehicles
·      Looking ahead in wearables, AR & VR: from dream to essential 

IoT India Confex provided an opportunity for attendees to evaluate, select and implement IoT solutions that improve business processes, create new revenue opportunities and drive business transformation.

Tips: Learn how to use IoT effectively for your business by approaching the expert on this.