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Samsung FlexWash Washing machine features and price

This is a good news for home maker or mini-laundry owners. Yes, Samsung has launched FlexWash gadget which is nothing but an advanced and IoT (Internet of Things) washing machine that can be controlled from the remote by using Smartphone apps with Smart-control to start and stop from anywhere and anytime. 

Kindly check this article for more detail on Samsung FlexWash product release.

Samsung FlexWash features:
The FlexWash was launched on 11th Aug 2017 in Bangalore, India. The washing machine is of Two Washers and One Dryer in one flexible system for multiple loads at once. 

The Flex wash has totally three doors with ergonomics design. It is completely IoT enabled device. The code of the gadget is FlexWash WR9900M. If you are looking for the best washing machine then here you go.

Samsung laundry technologies and features equipped including AddDoor. The model helps for laundry routine, higher level of care to clothes for last longer. The laundry technology uses three core viz. EcoBubble, Bubble Soak, and VRT Plus (Vibration Reduction Technology). 

You can enjoy the launch video of FlexWash washing machine too. This is one of the Make For India gadgets and Game changer from Samsung. And, this is one of the latest, most sophisticated and best washing machine in India.

The FlexWash is all-in-one solution for busy people who can use to wash the clothes in minimal time.

Samsung FlexWash specification:
Code: WR9900M
Weight: 23Kgs. 3.5kg upper area and 21kg Drums
Core: EcoBubble, Bubble Soak, and VRT Plus 
Doors: 3 (three doors)
Operation: Two Washers and One Dryer 
Features: Smart control, IoT etc.

Rishi Suri, Director, Consumer Electronics, Samsung India stated, "Samsung has always been tat the forefront of innovation that aims at creating products that cater to the evolving needs of our consumers. With the launch of FlexWash, we aim at making laundry even more flexible and convenient".

Samsung FlexWash Price: Rs around 1,45,000**/= (15th Aug 2017 onward from all major retailers).

Samsung FlexWash review: The review of the Flexwash may available anytime soon. Stay tuned or check other articles from this blog for more number of gadgets.