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Technology Innovation and Time flies

I was recently thinking that the Technology innovation is increasing day by day, there are pros and cons in everything including Technology. Though there are many pros ignoring little cons, I was wondering how time flies using technology stuff across. Yes, there are many gadgets and IoTs that almost everyone across globe daily using them and grows accordingly.

The time too flies with these gadgets and related technology usage. Almost everyday hundreds of new gadgets launches in many places with the help of technology and there is no limit for it. As we know the time is all about Smartphones, Internet and Laptop is going around beside travel related functions like Airline and its related gadgets innovation of the technology.

I was recently noticed that one more new gadget launched, it is Air Purifier with Mosquito Catcher features. Some might have seen it already or few might have already launched this gadget earlier. However, it is too going on with the technology to clear the pollution around.

The next one I attended the tech event was, all about Intel Xeon Scalable Processor that really helps the enterprises across globe. This is not for an individual but group to use the tech innovation and advancement.

The next one is all about entertainment after personal or official work online or offline. Yes, when people get little free time, they do personal work or travel or enjoy the outing or listening music. This one is all about Tower Speakers from the latest technology advancement.

Some listening the music either from Smartphone or the gadget mentioned above or related one. Now, Google also have introduced various gadgets, one of them is Google Daydream view other than self driving car using technology innovation.

Neither XBox One X missing here. The technology helps in various areas like it helps commercial purpose and individual too. No area is free, all are busy and time flies.

Considering some of these technology innovation, it let us feel that we people have no time to relax or time goes very fast than supposed to be. In fact, the time is always same but we are busy that time flies without our notice.