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How to monetize AdSense for YouTube?

Looking for information on how to set the AdSense for YouTube? If yes, please find the steps on YouTube monetizing to AdSense, detail below.

Some of them would have got AdSense account approval for their blog or the content published online or some might have got approved AdSense account either for Non-hosted or Hosted one. 

However, if you would like to associate the existing AdSense account to YouTube then find its brief as follows;

How to earn from YouTube by monetizing AdSense?

Login to your YouTube account.

Follow the steps given in screen-shot above first then below one (this is the current procedure and it might change anytime without our knowledge)

Click on Video Manager after click on 'My Channel' from the top left side Menu option before YouTube logo.

You will see list of YouTube videos that you uploaded or blank if you haven't so try to upload to go with.

You will see $ (dollar symbol with greyed out) icon for each video as shown in picture, which supposed to be in green color if monetized.

Click on $ sign to monetize it / that video in particular - after that.

The next screen will show at the bottom as "Monetize with Ads" push button greyed out as default, and you have to on it for blue color, it means it is just monetized for YouTube AdSense enabled after.

Click on "Save Changes" button on the same screen at the top right side. The below screen shows the green $ icon after monetizing AdSense.

You have to go through the same procedure for each video to monetize your YouTube for AdSense.

Now, you would have understood the place where you could monetize your AdSense account for YouTube. The rest step is simple to as stated. Again stating that, you have to every time monetize it for each video uploaded so that you can earn revenue in case if you get organic traffic to YouTube video and few ad clicks naturally against the video from the visitors.

How to unmonetize the AdSense account for YouTube?
Kindly proceed with the same step given except last one and unclick the option given and save it to unmonetize the AdSense account for YouTube in case if you don't like to earn AdSense from your YouTube videos.

Other easy way to monetize the AdSense account for YouTube.
Login to your YouTube account.
Go to settings and check the monetization status. 
In top right corner click on the account icon (grey color circle). 
Now, go to creator studio
Then go to channel status -->  Features --> monetization.

Tips: Try to upload the quality with searchable keywords video which shall run at least half minutes to two.

Hope this article helped you. You may add comment if you have any query on this. Thanks for visiting.