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RicohDocs 3.0 automation business tool

Would you like to know what is RicohDocs - 3.0 that was launched recently by Ricoh India? If yes, please find its detail over here.

Ricoh India Ltd, a leader in the field of Imaging Solutions and IT Services, announced the launch of the next version of RicohDocs - 3.0 on 22nd June 2017 in New Delhi. If you are eager to know RicohDocs and its overall office automation function then please find herein below.

What is RicohDocs - 3.0

RicohDocs - 3.0 is an office automation platform that enables users to manage all unstructured content and automate all business processes with absolute ease. Hope you can use this tool effectively for your office and business. If you are looking for the best office and business tool then here you go for it. 

This advanced office productivity platform helps organize the process of documentation and record creation, thus minimizing the involvement of professionals in the tedious regular tasks. RicohDocs 3.0 will help to ease the admin task too with enhanced user experience.

RicohDocs - 3.0 is designed to assist organizations to create, store, collect, distribute, discover, archive and manage unstructured content. This tool might help for multi-tasking in one go. RicohDocs is a critical asset for every organization to lower risk, reduce operational cost. The tool would help not only to ease the task but reduce the cost in general. 

With the help of RicohDocs - 3.0 tool, the flow of business documents can be optimized through workflows made as per the existing business processes, thus ensuring an expeditious decision making process.

How it works? RicohDocs 3.0, is equipped with various new modules and advanced features such as, file version comparison, sharing and preview of media files and bulk upload of files, etc. The multi-tasking from just one tool can help your business to do automated things effectively. 

This tool can work MS Office integration and Business Process Automation. The significant enhancements have also been made in user interface and user experience in the latest version of the RicohDocs - 3.0 platform.

Other than this, notable enhancements have been also been carried out in the Hot Folder and Record Management System of the software. It basically works on various algorithm for the overall business works. While Hot Folder is a unique desktop application which stays synchronized to server and assures proper document channelization. 

It also helps to update the record within and monitored well across the access given. The Records Management Module helps capture, store and identify business records, following the record management policies and compliance, ensuring minimized risks.

Mr. Yuki Uchida, VP & CMO, Ricoh India Ltd. said, “At Ricoh India, we strive to offer innovative products or solutions which enable businesses to minimize the workload and achieve the best possible ROI. This launch builds upon the company’s commitment to offering a seamless experience through solutions that are user-friendly, secure, flexible, and environment friendly.”

He further added, “RicohDocs 3.0 is an affordable, yet smart automation platform targeted at SMBs as well as functional departments in large scale businesses. This version offers matchless user interface and ensures a smooth business environment by easy management, smart monitoring, reduced operational costs, improved productivity".

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