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OnePlus 6 smartphone: launches on May 16, 2018, live-stream

We have recently published about one of the upcoming smartphone's launches and its detail. The phone is nothing but one of the most anticipated smartphone, OnePlus6. Yes, the OnePlus brand is launching the device on May 16, 2018 in London which is a global launches and May 17, 2018 in Mumbai, India.

Likewise, there will be launches of the phone in different cities on same or a different date, precisely. The launch Invites for the OnePlus6 smartphone is already over for the fans and the online invite is officially Sold Out across within very few minutes.

No more launch invites available online for the event, right now. The media, Youtuber and Tech bloggers' invite from the brand is different from this special invite for its fan though there will be all together in the location to witness the launches of the gadget. 

You might be a lucky one if you have already purchased the OnePlus6 launch invites pass through online on May 8, 2018 from their source link given and attend it. 

Some of them unable to get even one invites despite they tried to attempt many times. There will be live-telecast or live-stream of the event as well, anyhow. 

OnePlus6 launches live stream:

The event will showcase about the OnePlus gadget beside other introduction products (may be, also like Avenger edition) as prediction is going around. We will come to know all about them once the launch of the phone is going, live.

The brand OnePlus also announced that they are going to conduct other events like OnePlus6 pop-up events post launches. The pop-up event will be mainly for the fans in their different outlets across countries.

You can check OnePlus 6 smartphone expected key features, technical specification, pricing and other detail from the post (link given above). 

And, we will update more on OnePlus 6 mobile phone once it is officially launched across.

By the way, Honor 10 smartphone launches will be in London as well on May 15, 2018, a day ahead to this event. We will cover on Honor 10 smartphone as well. 

The upcoming phones and launches other than the above are (few confirmed and unconfirmed news) Realme1, HTC U12, iPhone SE smartphones. We will update on this too. Stay tuned. 

Tips: You may try to see the tech blog posts about the device to know the release or sale date of the OnePlus6 to book and grab it in time.