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Huawei Smart Entrance for Airport / Terminal

Huawei has showcased some of the latest and upcoming products at IMC 2019, Delhi, India, on 14th to 16th October 2019. Would you like to know about them? If yes, here you go.

Other than Smartwatches, Smartphones, and other smart gadgets from Huawei, the brand has shown the 'Smart Entrance' product too in its booth. This is the future product that would be required across the nation. 

The Smart Entrance from Huawei would help the Airport / Terminal's administration to ease the individual scan, identification, documentation, access and secure to enter the airport to catch the flight in a fast phase by saving time.

The device will start to scan the passenger by Airport's system and algorithm once stepped in near the Smart Entrance, it will scan to collect the travel credential of the passenger, if everything is matches then the passenger would get the access or else access denied.

This system has already existed in few other countries including China. The Smart Entrance is expected to arrive in other country as well, slowly. The entrance will specially work in better net connectivity atmosphere or the system and process will be smooth when 5G connectivity around.

Stay tuned for more updates on this.