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Stellar Fibre from STL - Industry's First Universal Fibre, at IMC 2019

India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2019, Aerocity, Delhi, brought so many technology innovation stuff to the world on 14-16 October 2019. One of them is, STL's Stellar Fibre. The company has launched world’s most advanced fibre called “Stellar Fibre” that will make 5G happen and will power the next-gen ultra-high definition future. 

The revolutionary product will help increase network life by 10 years. The unique Bend Insensitive Fibre ensures minimal optical loss and assured first-time right installation.

A global data networks innovator, launched Stellar Fibre at India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2019, in the presence of Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Union Minister of IT and Communications. Stellar Fibre is a path-breaking solution that will power the next-gen ultra-high definition future. 

The leading edge innovation from STL’s optical design solutions guarantees best-in-class data transfer, negligible data loss even with high fibre bends, and compatibility with all fibres in use today. 

Stellar Fibre is one of a kind in the current industry to have a bend insensitive (ITU-T G.657.A2) fibre design that has a mode field diameter (MFD) of the size of a legacy ITU-T G.652.D fibre. 

This feature enables service compatibility with existing networks which are provisioned with the legacy fibre, while bringing in the next-gen advantages of macro bend insensitivity. 

This makes Stellar Fibre an ideal choice for an existing network’s capacity enhancement or new network provisioning for Metro and Long Haul or Fibre to the X (FTTx) application. 

Stellar’s unique geometry ensures minimal splice loss and first-time right installation. This makes the fibre to be an installer’s delight. Simulations at STL’s Centre of Excellence suggest 10+ years increase in network lifetime on using the new bend insensitive fibre. 

It’s resilience to cuts and accidental bends brings down the network operations cost by a significant amount, making it the fibre of choice for network operators world-over.