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Intel Python Hackfury2 contest winners - How good they got it?

There was a Hackathon (Intel Python Hackfury2) contest from Intel India for the eligible team or candidates on a particular AI projects and it was more related to Healthcare, Education and Disaster Management etc. There were few thousand entries came in. Yes. Among them, there were different phases to eliminate and finalize the team for the final stage. 

In the final stage, on 21st October 2019, there were sixteen teams for Intel Python Hackfury2 contest been shortlisted. How did they got it there? The question is solved now. They have chased the other teams on the way by showing their potential talent on AI subject. But, how the winner and runner has been selected out of sixteen team? This is very important.

It is not an easy to win the game by the young chap and at the same time it is not impossible to win as well. In sixteen team,  the selected for final to do is, each team has to demonstrate their AI products on the stage, followed by Jury's question and answer beside other participant's feedback form and their rating inclusiveness to finalize it.

In Jury team, there were different company's (Shell, TCS, Salesforce, AWS etc.) head participated other than Intel for Intel Hackfury2.

Out of sixteen team, most of them shown their AI product including Agriculture and Transport sectors. Few of them lacked upon Jury's question where they failed to be in top two or one position despite incredible products found out there. Those who gave perfect answer to Jury's query after their convincing demo got the heavy weightage beside their AI products necessity for the world too.

What are those AI products? The team who won the second prize demoed about the healthcare products, like protein, types and identification for finding disease and AI solution for it. Isn't it breakthrough? They got it second prize.

The first prize winner is a Team Elixir, a step ahead in answering all the questions from Jury beside their convincing demonstration on the stage. Their product was all about the health and fitness gadgets. Their demo, answers and unique AI solution made them strong contender for the subject award.

Hope this article would help you to observe the point, participate in such contest and win it. 

Please note that, Intel's first HackFury1 was conducted in Pune, India.

Tips: In short, if you are ready to participate in such a contest then you need to present the product well including fun and casual method beside answering well without fail to Jury's each questions or cross questions.