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Rakshak Security device: Features and price

An Indian Startup has manufactured a product called Rakshak (Security) that comes with potential security and privacy features. This is little different product compare to other security products. The brand has showcased their product at India Mobile Congress 2019, Delhi, India on 14-16 October 2019.

The specialty of the Rakshak (or Security) product is nothing but it has 'no camera' (for privacy matters), yes, you heard it right, 'No camera'. And the device can be kept anywhere in the room or wherever you want within the home or office location or even at room for security purpose.

The Rakshak device will capture the data or voice 24 hours and it will last a week with the battery. It won't have camera but it will have SIM card for additional secure features.

The unusual activity or scream or alarm sound etc. can be immediately deduct and report sooner to its owner for security measures.

You can fix or keep the device anywhere at home or office and get the alert from it when some unusual activity happens.

There are couple of benefits here. Yes, there is no privacy issue since it has no camera but it can let you know the issue immediately in case if suspect activity around.

You can visit their website for more detail about the secure product.