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Agriculture Drone from IOTechWorld Avigation

Do Agriculture sector needs technology in this era? What if there is technology in Agriculture area and what if not? This is a strange question since the technology merge with agriculture is exist since few decades but in a different way, like, a Motor for water supply or associated usage, Pump, Pesticide spray, Tractor, Chemical composition and on for cultivation.

There will be changes for sure in the future in agriculture sector, and rather we can say technology update would be there in agriculture in every era. This time, Drone is coming for you to assist on Pesticide spray. Drone is a normal one but for agriculture? Yes, you have for it.

India's startup, IOTechWorld Avigation has manufactured a large size drone that would help farmers or agriculture. 

This drone is heavy in size and it can carry around 15 liter of Pesticide spray. Interested to know more? Here you go for it.

IOTechWorld Avigation Agriculture Drone will fly up to 5kms range and spray the pesticide liquid on the field. It's battery will last up to 30 minutes and you can recharge it soon after. There are interesting features in it and we would cover more detail about this soon. Stay tuned. 

You can Google for IOTechWorld Avigation to get in touch with them for its availability, models, price, features and other detail.

The above photo's of IOTechWorld Avigation Drone showcased in India Mobile Congress 2019 in Delhi, dated 14-16 October 2019.