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India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2019 inauguration, news and updates - Digital Technology

IMC (India Mobile Congress) has inaugurated on 14th October 2019 and it will be for three days in Aerocity, Delhi, showcasing various latest technology update.

Are you interested to know more detail about the IMC 2019? If yes, here you go for some updates.

India's Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, inaugurated IMC 2019, at Aerocity, New Delhi.

RS Prasad applauded about the digital technology transformation in India including in its each villages across.

As per the Union Minister, the current statistic is as follow;

Digital profile of India is as below.

1.18 billion phone users 
1.24 billion unique digital identity- Aadhaar 
630 million internet users.

Data Privacy concern stated in the event by RS Prasad. He also requested other technology firm to come forward with the latest digital technology in the Healthcare, Education sector beside Social upliftment.

Mr. Prasad stated, "In Nov 2016, digital payment was 91.83 crore. In July 2019 - it has become 3.32 billion transactions leading to 334 lakh crore." He also spoke to media about the "Spectrum trading, sharing, harmonization, open source policy, communication policy, IT policy- all policies are in place today in India.

Asia's largest Technology Forum has brought so many things including latest updates on technology, digital innovation, 5G update and latest gadgets etc. There are so many brands' participation can be seen over there.

ZTE is one of them who stated its latest update on 5G feature. 

Huawei's Jay Chen - CEO, said, the brand has already forty 5G network commercials operations. The brand is also coming with AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology rapidly.

There are many brands in the queue for the stage. We will let you know their update as well. Stay tuned for more updates on India Mobile Congress 2019.