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Smart Tower from Qogno - Make in India

Are you interested to know about the Smart Tower from Qogno brand? If yes, you can find its brief over here.

Qogno has introduced couple of Smart Towers in IMC (India Mobile Congress) 2019, Aerocity, Delhi, on 14-16 October 2019.

The brand has showcased Smart Towers and their features to its visitors. At IMC, the Qognos showcased its offerings from self-check-in kiosks, smart bus bays, to digital villages and Farmer One-Stop Shop (FOSS).

The Smart Tower can be customized for multiple usage and it can be used for different smart banner, smart (security) camera, signal, network tower and even Drone and on.

The tower can be fixed in one main area or commercial area where it can be fixed with multiple client's ads or gadgets. Also, it has a single display at the bottom where one can access and use it for various listed services when no network or no phone or in case of emergency etc.

Qogno Smart Tower has lot of pattern to use for different features. If you are planning for Smart Industry or Smart City or Smart Village then this is one more option to add in the list.

You can keep in touch with Qogno for your requirement accordingly.