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Microsoft Surface Duo: Announcement, specifications and expectation

Microsoft Event on October 2, 2019 has introduced few gadgets, like, Surface Neo, Surface Duo, Surface Pro 7, Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Earbuds beside Windows 10X operating system.

You can find some detail about the Surface Laptop 3 here and we would like to continue with other attractive gadget. It is nothing but Microsoft's Surface Duo which is cute and coming holiday 2020.

Surface Duo is nothing but a foldable Android smartphone that might come with high-end features. The device was introduced in the MS event. Many liked it since it has smartphone cum mini laptop features altogether which fits pocket and easy to carry around.

What we got official update about the Surface Duo is, Durable glass body, 5.6 inches display either side and altogether 8.3 screen. 4.8mm thin as well. In the event, they have not revealed everything except few.

Surface Duo is also coming with Type-C USB and fingerprint sensor. It runs on Android operating system. It will sports a camera too. Also, the gadget comes with a full 360° hinge and a small bezel around when open Duo together.

If you would like to know what is the features of Surface Duo then you have to wait for few more months to know it in real ignoring its leaks and speculation around. We would also cover the MS Surface Duo's specs for you sure.

Surface Duo is expected to be powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 processor on-board. Let us wait and see how it comes in real.

In case if you are looking for Surface Duo's key features, technical specifications, price, first impression, hands-on, comparison, review and other info then you would find them over here once it is officially launched. So, stay tuned.