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Why Tech gadget launching event first conducts in Bangalore, India?

I had attended many Tech gadget launching events in 2015 and this year 2016 as well in Bangalore, India. I had skipped some of them too due to personal busiest reason. I used to surprise one thing is that often the launch of the products or gadgets' event first take place for Bloggers in Bangalore only and the next schedule will be in other cities across. This created some puzzling me in initial days but didn't asked anyone yet.

However, the time has gone as it was and some of the questions like why do first tech gadget launching or releasing events conducting in Bangalore compare to other cities across India? This was one of the questions in my mind for a long time, may be since 2013 and 2014 as I used to attend such event, rare those duration.

Yes, this unasked question’s answer received in the recent few tech events. One of the same minded blogger asked this question to CEO in a particular event.

The CEO then replied that, yes, they choose Bangalore tech bloggers for tech gadget releasing event as prioritize just to get unique tech questions from bloggers that hard to reply by them and manufacturer but quickly noting down those questions to add them as one of the features in their upcoming gadgets.

Not only has this, from such unique questions from Bangalore tech bloggers, they too comes to know that there had some unknown or even unreported technical issues which none of them found for their recent released gadget or other similar segment device of the other brand, as comparison. Those issue neither in review on any blog nor raised others in any recent event yet. Such a small step helps to develop even more.

It is also said that, it is not because of Bangalorean and their talent exposure as tech savvy but actually there are many Indian states tech fellows are in Bangalore and they are coming to such tech events and asking some unique gadget question that helps to cover them in upcoming device which really helps for manufacturer and sellers to increase the target oriented end user by providing the best and unique features across.

It doesn’t mean all the events of tech gadget launching or releasing first in Bangalore only. There were / are some tech events which conducted in other cities as first preference too for which Bangalore bloggers too got invited. I mean, sometime, the first tech event of XYZ Smartphone will be in Delhi then Bangalore or Mumbai or other cities. However, the majority of the tech gadget releasing events used to be in Bangalore first then move the same tech gadget releasing event at other cities in the later dates.

I am also used to ask few silly and unique question to them, like if they release any unique series – let’s say 8MP camera Smartphone just for ‘Selfie’ purpose and it special naming beside normal features then I used to raise a question, if that is the case then ‘why don’t you release 13MP and above MP front camera for better selfie result than just 5MP or 8MP?’.

They replied that it has 13MP “rear” camera, then why not swap it – it means rear camera is 8MP and front camera is 13MP for better selfie result? They noted down likewise agreeing their cost, sale perspective and to add such feature in the near future.

Among many, one of them will ask for in-depth features of apps and tools or even OTG cable connectivity issue which make them unanswered. Some might ask, dual SIM with 4G option for both SIM? As very few used to provide 4G features in both (dual) SIM. Some used to ask for cheaper Smartphone, is it Gorilla glass? LOL.

Anyhow, this all about few Android and its related various branded Smartphone’s events and stories. There are so many other gadgets releasing event and its detail article will be published anytime soon. Stay tuned.