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Google for India 2016 YouTube Go Launch

Google is assisting Indians in every possible way with different features' access across. You can find the best five features from Google to Indians. Yes, Google announced five new products which are multiple India-inspired and India-first products Brand new video app, YouTube Go. This is first one, how about the other fours. Find the list herewith.

The second one is, designed and built from learning's in India Google Assistant inHindi to preview inside Allo. The third feature is nothing but a Wi-Fi platform called Google Station inspired by success of Railwire. The fourth one is, Wi-Fi Offline feature for Chrome Web Browser and the fifth one is, faster loading in Google Play on 2G. These all are the five that can hi-fi you around. There are many things to come yet from Google India. Yes, you can expect many more soon.

1. YouTube Go
2. Google Assistant in Hindi / Allo
3. WiFi Platform for Railway
4. WiFi offline feature for Chrome
5. Faster loading in Google Play 2G.

Caesar Sengupta, Vice-President, Next Billion Users, stated the three areas where Google is working to provide a better and more inclusive online experience for users in India.

YouTube Go will work even in poor connectivity, user can control over how much data they consume on videos, allowing them to preview videos first and choose the video’s file size before they save it offline to watch later.

Rajan Anandan, Vice-President, India and South East Asia, set the agenda at the start of the event by outlining all of the efforts by Google to give all Indians access to the Internet. He stated the success of its Wi-Fi offering in partnership with Railtel and its efforts to overcome the gender divide by training women across rural India on how to access and use the Internet.

Amit Fulay, Group Product Manager, announced that a preview of the Google Assistant will be launched in Hindi by the end of 2016 inside the brand new Allo messaging app. 

Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, Vice-President, Product Management, Chrome announced a group of tailored features for Chrome that make the web a better place for mobile users facing data constraints.

In partnership with Tata Trusts, Google has already trained over a million women across ten states. Google is also funding the installation of Google Developers Codelabs at major State Technical Universities in India. Anandan noted, “Our vision is to make India a global hub of innovation and produce high quality mobile developers who will build not just for India but for the world.”