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How do I get on the first page of Google? Tips

Are you eager to know how to get your blog or website to be listed on the First Page of Google search engine? If so, find the tips on getting indexed on first page of Google, as below.

1. Sensible URL text
2. Rich content
3. New things to be added
4. Quality matters
5. Use relevant keywords
6. Domain related niche article
7. Use Image tag if necessary
8. Use html tag 
9. Use internal link whenever necessary
10. 500+ words
11. Use Google+ for promoting

The bloggers generally observe and follow the below points given for obtaining organic traffic, failing some of these points in your article may put aside in competitive market for the content search. 

The one who wanted to earn online like from AdSense source or other similar sources would ask various questions on obtaining traffic to their blog. They also needed to follow some of the basic points given below in order to get organic traffic.

1. Shape the URL text:
Just blindly don't give any word for the title or URL, make sure that you have typed related niche words to make strong URL which search engine crawl, store and index upon search.

2. Rich content:
Why rich content, what does it means? It is nothing but the way you draft must be unique, bunch of realted information, pros and cons, detail, indepth search on the topic, quality and very useful for the users. These are few points to be remember when drafting the article and one more thing to be concentrate on it is all about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which enrich to get natural traffic.

3. New things to be added:
Don't always write and post the same topic which already available on the net, however you can present them (same niche) in a different manner in case if you wish to do so. It is better to write, post and present with and new subject or new content which can be helpful for the visitors in the near future. Don't worry in case if it doesn't index quickly but be patience after published.

4. Quality matters:
Everyone is aware about the quality content but still we used to miss one of them, it could be of html tag missing, or title (wrong URL) keywords missing, or image tag missing, or relevant video tag missing, or very less or less than 300 words article, bunch of quality information missing etc. Don't be hurry to post and take your time to draft and present them in a professional manner to increase visitors thus increasing traffic.

5. Use relevant keywords:
Most of the blogger used to stuff over keywords which penalize themselves in the history of search, try to avoid such habit. Make sure that you don't use over keywords or very less keywords, try to keep 2 to 3 same keywords usage for 500+ words article. If the same keywords needed more for the subject, you may then use alternate keywords for the same word / meaning.

6. Domain related niche article:
Do not publish any quality article in a different or irrelevant domain which can spoil both (domain and article), thus try to draft the article and post it in related domain. Tech domain website shall not have any health related subject post unless it is somewhat matching with Technology related subject.

7. Use Image tag if necessary:
Some bloggers used to hurry and miss the less KB images to add on their post which takes one or two minutes to upload maximum, since they missed it - cause for low quality article or sometime search engine ignores it.

8. Use html tag whenever necessary:
This is very important for any post, if you are writing any quality article of more than 500+ words, you need to understand that it shall have H2 or H3 Title or Sub-title to enclosed. You can use them wisely or you can use them before every paragraph starts.

9. Use Internal link without fail:
Very rare, bloggers' used to add internal link for their blog posts, using internal link is one of the best option to keep your visit for a long duration at your website. This is of course one of the best tips to retain your visitors without bouncing rate and present them a nice info from your blog.

10. 500+ words:
Very rare, less than 200 words article / post gives reasonable or higher traffic as long as it has volume of searches and less posts in other sites, or else it won't even index on search. So, try to avoid like this, and try to prepare an article worth of 500+ words of quality and full of collective information.

If you feel you got just 300+ words, you may then add Pros and Cons of the topic or Advantages and Disadvantages of the topic or Review detail and so on. Anyhow, learn how to increase traffic to get some benefits out of it.

11. Use Google+ for promoting:
There will be 'No sale' if you have no promotion for the product, thus, you can post your URL at Google+ social networking. I am just recommending it and do not suggest other social networking sites to promote your blog post.