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How to earn from AdSense online source

Few beginners confused on online earning and assuming that earning money online is an easy task without putting hard and smart work.

There are some seniors who still doesn’t know how to earn money online via AdSense source or other adv source but have little idea on it. 

Some bloggers knows it and some doesn’t knew it but would like to know about it. Now, I am not going to talk about other various online sources to earn dollars online but AdSense. 

It is nothing but adv displaying on your blog or associated sites wherein you as in AdSense Publisher can get CPC (Cost Per Click) percentage for their Adv business process. 

Once upon a time or during or before 2012, there was just one kind of AdSense application, review and approval process but in these days it has changed the process from partial approval to full approval of AdSense account. 

However, nothing to worry on this unless you have no idea completely about it, where you can learn about it sooner or later.

If you are a writer or blogger and would like to get AdSense approval at any cost then don’t go in a crooked way but try to work on your blog or wherever you contribute on AdSense Revenue Sharing websites to go smoothly. 

Once you have enough contents and quality posts on your blog or associated sites, you may then try to cross check them for AdSense application process. 

Google won’t reveal every parameters to let you know to cross check your blog content and personal detail thus it is better to have your or author profile in detail beside regular / active contribution without violating any rules set by them.

Due to large volume of AdSense application received by Google, your application process on review and approval may take little bit time and sometime within two days one can get the reply from them. 

However, do not disappoint in case if Google rejects your application nor you become very happy in case if they approved your application since this is just beginning and you have to go more miles ahead to become successful AdSense partner and earning revenue online.

Checklist for AdSense application submission

1.       Personal Profile on your blog or associated sites
2.       Enough quality posts and active contributions
3.       Blog must have some organic / natural traffic for the content
4.       Socialized blog, and do not violate any AdSense policy
5.       Try to post upcoming subject post
6.       Niche blog (e.g. Technology related posts on Tech domain)
7.       Around 500 to 800 words post with nice presentation and points etc.
8.       You may add interlink in each post to get better quality and natural traffic.

Keep on checking Google Analytics and other stat to know the in-depth detail of your blog’s weight and try to modify theme once in a while beside adding some content on existing posts.