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Increase traffic to blog - improve from poor traffic

Some of the bloggers raised this query often or once in a year at least about their website or blog traffic is down or very poor traffic thus poor revenue (commercial ad if any) as well. Why and how sudden downfall of the regular traffic is possible? 

Many have no ideas about it but there could be many reasons for the sudden poor traffic for the blog or website. Now the question would raise like how to increase traffic to the blog? How to improve the blog and content? What are the steps to be taken care while publishing article on blog? 

What are the best ways to increase organic traffic? How to get natural traffic to blog? Which niche is the best one to write and get traffic? How to work on SEO? How to optimize the content? How to handle Search Engine Optimization? How to prepare quality post for blog? There are many questions as such.

Now, first we will comeback to losing the charm of already existed traffic on blog which lost recently by the bloggers. What are the main reasons for the website traffic is down or very poor compare to earlier days or just few days back.

Listen, as said, there could be many unknown reasons or multiple reasons for this which generally search engine tycoon won’t reveal it. However, blogger’s first guess might be all about latest or recent ‘Search engine updates’. 

Yes, it is one of them or first and foremost matter, there could be search engine updates which suddenly taken place to your blog compare to other blogs or website where their websites or blogs not yet updates taken place by the search engine. 

It may take few days or weeks to reach their blog too for search engine updates. Time being, you are the one who is just keep on guessing about it. Don’t worry, leave it for a while except self-analyzing on it.

Reason for losing blog traffic

In general, most of the major search engine tools like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. won’t reveal when they are going to do updates our blog and their hundreds of parameters for checking it etc. 

This is the time even SEO specialist slip off due to the technique and various updates fails from this recent update. Yes, there could be affect on traffic (and Ad revenue if any) for few days till the situation become normal and it recognize the original and new content on blog or online. 

This is the story happened in the past, however, in case of SPAM or Plagiarism content then the whole site or whole page might be an issue or penalize it by the search engine updates. So, the bloggers must be very careful on this.

The other reason might be the one who were searching for the content as regular on your blog might be stopped to reach your webpage or the search engine found another new and different content from other blog that really helps visitors. 

This is normally happens when the specialist come to do some SEO work on new content with new or additional info at any fresh blog. The content might be better or even rich compare to the existing or old one. 

Thus, the direction have changed a bit. How the content is rich? The new blog post might be additional words, paragraphs, more detail, informative, images added, video added, interlink added and didn’t violated any search engine policy etc.

One of the other reason might be due to the referring site for your blog content changed to a different website or blog. Yes, sometime our blog post referred by other website that might be non-existent right now or it is possible that referring website is existing but it has changed to refer other blog for the same content or topic.

Other than the above reasons, another one is, your article might be copied and published by other blog as Plagiarism without any reference to your blog address, so, it is your responsible to cross check it periodically and contact the blog owner to remove the copied content, or else file a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyrights Act). How to file a DMCA? This will be updated soon.